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Anuther Noobie

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Hello All,
Nice place you have here. I have been searching the web recently for some new ideas on great food. Smoked meat is one of my favorites and I like to smoke over a foil bag of chips on my gas grill, smoke in my charcoal grill and I like to smoke over a real wood fire too, open pit style. Now that the weather is cooling down, football season is cranking up and it's time to feed a crowd gathered to watch the games on Sunday. I'm from MD and yes, I'm a Ravens fan. biggrin.gif

You people are much more hard core about your smoking technique, preparation and equipment and I am very interested in learning. Brining I understand, low and slow I understand and thin blue smoke I understand. But from looking around the last few days, I got a bunch more to learn so I hope you don't mind a bunch of dumb questions from 'anuther noob'. biggrin.gif
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No problem Irish...and welcome!!!
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Hey Irish! Welcome to the forum...good to see ya. :)
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Welcome to SMF Irish
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Welcome Irish, you've joined a great site with great people, I haven't seen one question answered in a slanted or demeaning way on this site. Feel free to ask anything, and take the Free 5 day e-cousre, lots of good info.
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Welcome to SMF. Just pull up a chair and start reading. There's more information here than you can digest in a few days biggrin.gif .
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on with the questions!! We love to help people out.
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Howdy Irish!! Welcome to the forum. With the ideas and imagination here you will never have an empty smoker!
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welcome from Northern Indiana ..........
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Welcome from central Indiana!
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Welcome Irish.
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Thanks everybody for the welcomes. It's great to hear from people from all over the States, some from across the pond (Brandsbay) , a 'local' (MrsB) and an old friend (Cowgirl)wink.gif . This is a pretty cool place with lots of ideas and input. I'm looking forward to this winter already.
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Welcome to SMF, glad you joined us. Ask all the questions you want someone will have the answer. Remember the only dumb questions around here are the ones you don't ask
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here's an OK welcome... kick off yor shoes and stay a while... lots to read, and practice... it only gets better from here...
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