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newbie looking to smoke a pork loin this weekend

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I am going to try my smoker for the first time this weekend for a football tailgate. My brother suggested a pork loin and a recipe he found online. Any suggestions and info on such things as how large (we are feeding like 20 people) how long it will take and any other info that you could feed a new guy! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the SMF, looks like you're jumping right into it. One pork loin won't do it for a footbal crowd, better to more than not enough, go with 3-4. We don't usually smoke by time, rather by internal temp (this can vary by how well you want the meat done), this can be between 165-170 +. Be sure you have an accurate meat therm, and one for the cabinet too. May your team win!
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Welcome Dave, How about pulled pork sandwhiches? Pulled pork is pretty easy & pretty foolproof. Feeds a lot of people & relatively inexpensive at least in my area. Lots of info on doing it here. Whatever you do, good luck!
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3 or 4. good to know. thanks!!
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i do love pulled pork! but that is with a different type of pork, not the loin right?
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Right. For pulled pork you want a "pork butt" which is often called a "shoulder blade roast" or you want a "picnic roast" Either will work, I like the shoulder blade roast better.
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I'm basically a professional tailgater, I've been doing all the cooking for our group for the last 10 years, Bucs fans know how to tailgate. smile.gif Just remember to give yourself some time to cook the loins. Betwen prep, pre-heating the smoker, smoking and resting and eating, you'll be surprised how much time it can take. I'm telling you this because there's nothing worse than knowing you have to leave for the stadium soon and your food might not be ready.

Take lots of pics, and have a great time!!
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How big of a but(LOL) should I get for 15-20 fans?
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Big eaters?? An 8 lb butt will get 4-5 lbs meat after cooking. At 1/3-1/2 of meat for hungry football fans it will feed 10-15 people. Better to get 2 butts and have extra than not enough.
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DCD, Pulled pork freezes very well too. I vacuum pack mine first, BUT you most likely will not have any left!biggrin.gif
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yeah, I doubt I have any leftovers!!!
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i'm a newbie too, but recomend a pulled pork, follow these guys instuctions and its a no-brainer.
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I hate to go against a new mod, but:

Pork is suppose to be 170º internal (this is old school temp), but seems dry. Shoot for 150º internal, then wrap in foil for 1/2 to 1 hour. I am sure you will like it more. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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ya might want to do a cook n' reheat for the football game, - butt can take about 10 hours to do. Not sure about the loin, but any type of smoking can take sometimes longer than planned... each hunk of meat is different. I'd personally do about 3 or 4 racks of ribs, but yeah. Cuz' I like 'em!!!

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