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Tenderloin Trifecta

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Found tenderloins on sale the other day and figured today with nothing better to do would be a great day to smoke em up. So,, On the grill at 8:00am..

Lookin a little tastier after a few hours,

And even tastier just before the foil.

Took em up to a ripe ole age of 180F to foil as I plan on slicing. One will get sliced and vacked up for some meals for work, the other two thin sliced on the meat slicer for sandwiches at will... YUM!

After the rest is finished and the slicers get a bit of a chill on them I'll slice em on up and post a final view.
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how were they Dan. Those are half loins by the way. Tenderloins are itty bitty and a lil more per lb. I remember ya callin me about the sale the other day. I also noticed that the same store had BB's for 2.99 a lb.biggrin.gif

Most folks take them loins to 150-160 and then rest them for slicing. Let us know how the 180 worked.wink.gif
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Good lookin back loins!

Missed you this past weekend. wink.gif We were in the neighborhood!
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Ahhhh. ok Thanks. Well them itty bittyuns dint look like they could even feed my kids, let alone me. Meat was none the worse for wear though still moist and sliced up nice. Used your injection recipe. Tasty as usual.

I saved all the juices and added them into the vac bags. These will make some tasty sammies for the weeks to come

I gotta say That was a lot of work for sandwiches but not near as bad as being in dingleplunk USA and watchin Capt Dan post his goodies when my only refuge is the downtown Arbys...
A couple weeks ago I sliced up two briskets that I'm storing in the same fashion.

Yeah Dan I'm stocking up for this winter...PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Beautious loins..
Man I hope I can find them on sale for this weekends smoke!
Yours look wonderful! Thanks for the Q-Vue
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Looks great DD and I know your gonna have some great lunches with that PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks real good, I love those loins, if ya catch them on sale again, get a couple and try stuffing one and making canadian bacon. I am going to get one out of the freezer and do something. Everything looks real good, thats a good idea putting the juices in ther with it.
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Nice smoke DD.
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They dint have the butts, but another store had the tysons on sale for 1.79. I picked up one for the wife to marinade for her equestrian club shindig. That way I don't have to take credit for it... Hehehe

I'd love to do some bacon! Maybe after I find a decent freezer for a conversion.... I torched the last attempt at the conversion during the gutting process..biggrin.gif
Actually I'm suprised the fire dept. dint show up...eek.gif

Yep, I'm going to pick three more up today. Also found a 13lb ham for .99 a pound. That'll be a slicer as well.

I was figuring on butterflying one of the loins out and stuffing it and slicing the other two thick seeing as I didn't yeild as much as I'd hoped from the sandwich slicing.

Thanks for the comps ladies & gents..
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