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UDS Crew need your feedback ASAP

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Just got off the phone with a guy selling up to 7 barrels with tops for $10 a piece. Here's the catch (ain't there always one)...

they contained "aluminum fiber roof coating". Can that stuff be burned out?

Thanks in advance
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Was the coating in a bag or just poured in the drum?

Might want to keep looking.

I've burned some strange things out of a drum but don't see that going very well....icon_sad.gif
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gives a deeper smoke ring though!
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I'm thinking like Bubba , keep looking wink.gif

Heres 2 MSDS' on it if you want.
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Well, at lest keep it from leaking.....icon_rolleyes.gif
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Hmmm most anything can be I suppose... but that'll be one NASSSTY cloud, and I bet alot of tough ash/residue to remove after.
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My thoughts exactly, you MAY be able to clean it out, but will kill the neighbors in the process!
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Got mine from a bakery...only ever had veg oil in it....since I pass alot of food out dont think id try something like that
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This is where Guvna Got his barrel, alittle pricey but clean and nice.

Guvna and I are in Alington/alexandria areas where are you at?
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I'm down in Woodbridge by Potomac Mills Mall. G and I were talking the past few days. I was thinking their barrels were galvy but if they are not, I will have to roll up there and pick up a couple.
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Why take any chances?

Buy a new clean one with no liner and a removable lid.

My .02 after weed burning out a food grade barrel.

-=- Jerry -=-
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That may not be a bad idea with some neighborseek.gif I have a couple who dont understand tbs and need conversion.
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i just bought a house in centreville yesterday!!! btw, i was going to pick up a drum from novebarrel today but i never got around to it. so, as it stands, i'm drumless...
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