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hey 10-4, I was trying to remember what it was called when you had bacon in it but couldn't remember. Oh well. But thanks for the correction, guess I'll have to tell the wife that I was wrong and make another one and call it the right thing. It is important to set the right example is'nt it.
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i dont care what you name it but it sure looks good. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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the italian in me is telling me i gotta try this did ya come up with that idea? i never woulda thunk...
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who cares what you call it crusher just post more q vew!
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I am not sure how I came up with it, I wanted to make a chicken fattie so I grabbed the ground chicken and then just started roaming around the isles until I got inspired an then go back through the isles and find everthing I want.

You know you are doing good when the people that were bagging groceries when you came in are stalking you with there aprons off trying to see if you steal anything ! maybe I just have too much time on my hands ?
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Try resizing your pics with a little free program called Irfanview, available on any download site or their own webpage ( . It's free and works great and easy to use.

Great looking fatty! What was your side dish? That looks good too!
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hey pops I have that infranview , but I haven't tried it yet, I saw where you told somebody else about it and got it, I resized all three of my last pics with photobucket but I think what happened is it made copys of the resized, so I had the originals and the new ones and I picked the original's by mistake.

my side dish was some angel hair pasta and my leftover sauce, I did'nt want to waste it.
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krusher about how long did it take ya to smoke it? Looks might fine, I may try one this weekend.... Thanks for the qview... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks good. I did a spaghetti one the other day and the spaghetti sauce made the meat really soft and hard to handle. Any ever done one of those. Maybe use a mix of tomato paste and the sauce to thicken it u?

Great idea on the alfredo. Keep it up
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did you mix the sauce with the meat and then flatten? Or did you put the sauce on after you flattened out the meat? I would say if you mixed the two it would probably fall apart, but if the meat wanted to fall apart and it was just meat then maybe the meat had gotten too warm, if they try to break on me I toss the flattened out meat in the freezer for about 15 minutes. I always put in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes after it is all rolled and tightened though.
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Sweet, nice idea!
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