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Tri-Tip This Weekend, Any Tips? (no pun intended)

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I read richoso1 thread about tri-tip, and I thought why not do one this weekend?

I'm picking up a Tri-Tip from my local butcher Oneco's Meats, I've never cooked a TT before, I've only had it once when I was in California, and was great.

I know it's only about a 2lb piece of meat so I'm wondering how I should prep it. Maranade? Rub? Sauce it?

What about internal temps? I'd like a medium or less piece of meat so figure 135° is a good temp to pull it?

Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks, Brian
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If your going to put anything on it use a tried and tested marinade/rub/sauce. Set the smoker at 225 and pulling it at 135 should give you medium rare. be sure your therm is calibrated. Good wood choice would be red oak a favorite used in Santa Maria, CA home of the TT, mesquite, hickory, white oak. It's all good my friend.
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Thanks richoso1

So nothing really to do differnet when cooking a roast or piece of red meat? How do you serve it? Is there a proper way to slice it, like a brisket, or just have at it?

I'm thinking of slicing it in 1" thick strips and serve it like a steak, with onions, peppers and mushrooms.

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm having a few friends over Sunday and they're counting on some good grub.
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Smoking it can be the same, you've got a tasty cut to begin with. Always slice against the grain, your suggesting for serving is great. Try cutting some of the slices in 1/2 in. thick strips, some ladies like it a little more pettite.
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Great info, thanks!!
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I have never smoked a TT but have grilled "a lot" of them, charcoal grilled makes them even better. TT is a very flavorful cut, that when I grill I just rub with EVOO & Kosher salt & FCBP. I have not marinaded them, but I have purchased them marinaded & they are fantastic as well. Maybe the smoking process would make them that much better?...As Rich says, slice against the grain, go thick-medium-or thin it's all good.... Might be better to try a "test smoke" before serving to guests?..... Just a thought....Good luck & keep us posted on the TT.
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Sounds like something I need to "tri". :) I'll be watching for your Qview on this one. Sounds good already. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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LOL, I'll be smoking it Sunday, so I'll post some Qview that evening. biggrin.gif
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