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question on rare beef cuts

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i like my beef roasts a tad rare on the inside. and i know smoking at low temps can form bacteria growth ect... though ive never been sick from anything ive cooked on the grill ect... i was thinking of doing a big beef cut. though i like my briskets cooked till falling apart. i like prime rib and stuff a tad rare. whats a safe internal temp range for this. should the smoking temps be a tick higher to get hot meat with pink insides and shorter times?
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You can do a beef cut at the "normal" smoking temps and be jsut fine. Most of the cuase of concern on the sickness front is from ground beef. Most of the nasty stuff is on the outside of the meat and when you grind meet it takes the outside and mixes it with all the inside........that doesn't happen with a regular cut of beef. The outside of the meat will be plenty hot enough just cooking at 225. That is why you can have a steak that is too hot to pick up that is still rare in the middle.

Personally, for something like a prime rib, I go with high heat on the smoker simply because it is a good cut of meat and doesn't have all the connective tissue that needs to be broken down like you have in a brisket. The reason for the low temps is to allow all the collagen to break down into rib isn't full of collagen therefore doesn't benefit from low and slow. Crank the heat up and get it done (low and slow will work also, just take a lot longer).

Personally on a rib roast, I yank it off the heat a 125 and let it rest for a bit.......but I like it rare.

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I think he covered it rather well.
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One thing to think about with prime rib is the lower a pit temp will you the same finish through out the roast. The higher the pit temp you will get a rare center and the exterior with a higher finish. At the higher pit temp you also get the Maillard effect working for you.
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/\ Important points here. FYI Malliard Reaction- Akin to the "searing" thing.
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thats all great info for ya BGC. Aint this place great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Nice lookin prime there FBJ. I take mine a little farther like 130-135 and then 1/2 hour rest, but my family is timid about red juice(beef kool-aid).biggrin.gif
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thanks guys. and fatback joe. thats pic. thats what im talking about. i like her pink. looks
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