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Hi folks. Great site you have here. I'm an old coot, know my way around a kitchen a bit, and have smoked many many of pounds of salmon, steelhead and trout over the last 45 years. I am a noob to smoking meats.

Up here in Oregon (ORy-gun, NOT Or-ee-gone) I haven't found any restaurant barbecued meat that isn't dry as rawhide and about as tender, so I decided to learn to fix it myself. I tried some oven rib recipes that were ok, but not great; tried a couple of boil-em-first recipes and discovered that was just a crime against nature, so started surfing the web and found SMF.

I've been lurking for a couple of months picking off tips here and there because I really wanted to give slow cooking a try. I was trying to decide what sort of smoker to buy when a friend asked me if I wanted his small block GOSM. He used it once for salmon, didn't like the result and put it away. Then his kid gave him a used Trager and he decided the GOSM was just taking up too much space. I was happy to solve his problem. I didn't even have to put it together!

Thanks to some of you my first run of pig ribs on the GOSM was a great success and subsequent batches of pork and beef have been even better.
My hat is off to you, and I hope that sometime I can offer something in return. I know that somewhere around here I have recipes for 12 feet of meatloaf and similar odds and ends left over from a couple of summers cooking for camps for handicapped kids back in the 70's, if anybody needs to feed, say, a hundred folks.

See you in the forums,
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Hey John welcome to SMF, and thanks on behalf of the forum for the kind words. Yes, there's a few doggone good pitmasters here, and alot of friendly folks as well. Some are one and the same LOL!

Enjoy your time here and glad to have you and your experience here!
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Glad you found the site; as we all once did, welcome to SMF !!!

Call it a hunch, but I am thinking your salmon, steelhead and trout recipes may be appreciated....?
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Welcome to SMF. I look fwd to your future post.
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John welcome to SMF we're glad you joined us. As you've discovered there is lots of info here and some really good recipes too. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome Man.
You'll like this place.
Folks are good and the teachers plentiful.
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Hi ......Well........You!

Lots of good stuff on SMF. Hope you have fun smoking which after all is the whole point I suppose. biggrin.gif
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welcome aboard, that's a nice unit you got there, It will be turning out great q for you.
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Welcome John! With your impressive background smoking fish, are you right near the water? What other seafoods have you smoked? Ever try oysters or clams, etc.? I'd love some smoked oysters about now! My dad used to smoke up several dozen and we'd take them to camp when we'd spend several weekends getting it ready for hunting season. Good stuff!
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Welcome to SMF, glad you joined us.
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Welcome John.
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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A great intro indeed!Welcome to SMF!Plenty of us old coots will feel right at home.
Happy Smokes!
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Welcome ta SMF!!
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Hey welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing some q-view on that smoked fish.
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