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Yeah, but it looks like those stacks are pretty small in diameter so it shouldn't be to much of a problem. The whole thing looks like it will hold temps real well! I am curious as to how the fire box is setup? I see the top side lid there, it looks like you can do some direct heat grilling also?
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Hey Speedtoys, did you get it?confused.gif
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Yes, either side could be used for direct heating easily.
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Not yet, ive asked the joint to make sure they can find the registration for it, and show me the tires hold air first.

Probly a month away from buying it. Nobody else knows its for sale, and the guy in charge of selling it..wants me to end up with it.

I have one or two guys at work, who are gonna go in with me..helps keep the costs down as we work on it.
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I would have done bought that for $500 and been almost done with a face lift and ready to make some money off of it!wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Speed, its obvious you like it. Get it, clean it up. Throw some sweet wheel/tires on it. Set up the first smoke. If it doesn't go well you can always sell it to the next guy. I'd see if $500 could get it. Good luck.
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I think we think alike because we were writing at the same time!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sounds like a good deal, here are the question's I would ask myself. Could I build it from scratch cheaper/better? Can I buy a pit new for double the price ...trailer mounted. If I bought it can I afford to have it modified like I want?
I'd try to haggle for tire money, as they are flat and surely need to be replaced. Trailer lights? title?
Personnally from your description, I'd drop 700 on it. Most definetly haggle 1st though.
My 2 pennys
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