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Fatty Question

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I know most might use Pork sausage for this with 165º being the internal temp to shoot for, but what about using venison sausage, with venison burger? I know venison tends to dry out and get tough if over cooked. So would a venison fatty be better at 155º or maybe lower?
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Problem being... any ground meat SHOULD be brought to 165°. That said..if you trust the source, go for 145° and a rest.

I did not say that! ;{)
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Flash alot depends on what if anything the venison was mixed with.
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I would go with what was mix in it. Pork, cook to pork done. I mix my fatties 1/3 beef,1/3 pork, Buffalo1/3.When I cook venison I mix with ground pork 70/30 lean to fat and like Pineywoods and Richtee stated and I agree cook to 165* internal and foil to rest....I want my game done but not dry.
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Well then, what do you mix your venison burger gave it to me biggrin.gif
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Flash it is pure venison and I would be concerned about keeping it together. If you can keep it together then yes you can pull at the lower temp since we know it was handled correctly. If you mix with beef or pork then it would have to be taken higher. ( I wasn't sure which venison it was)
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We mixed it with some Venison sausage. It was kinda tough to hold together. Wife thought we should have added an egg or two, but we managed to get through without it. Bacon held it together.
I found it tasty at 164º, but she thought it should be more like 155º or so. Not sure how the sausage was mixed. Was given that by another friend.
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Sounds good Flash I will try to do a better job on mine this year but I also leave some just pure venison then you can add fat or egg and bread crumbs. Gotta start using that stuff up season will be here again before to long biggrin.gif
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I'm working on it.....that was your roast too. biggrin.gif
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If I get the smokehouse done you may have to run up and make some link sausage and summer sausage this season
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Ummmm, guys....

By imn88fan
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I grind my own meat to make burgers/sausage, so if ya do that you ought to get by with lower temps I think..
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oops bubba, if we wrap in bacon is that enough pig???? biggrin.gif
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