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Welcome aboard Jesse!!
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Welcome to the SMF, you'll find plenty of distraction from your day job. Be sure and register for Jeff's Free 5-Day Ecourse.
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Ahhhh...the entusiasm!Welcome to SMF!LOL the dizzy will pass but your attention span at work will shrink.Good Luck!
Happy Smokes!
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welcome aboard great to see enthusiasm for an addiction such as ours just wait til you get started good i sometimes find myself laying awake at night thinking of better tricks and flavors so your day job may be in a bit of trouble but it will be worth it.the love affair is a deep one but not one that must be kept secret so feel free to share your romances with the q muses .
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Thanks for the great welcome. I have a list I am trying to focus in on for my first smoke.

Here is the plan.

Shop for all meat and accessories friday evening.
Get home and Cure smoker friday evening.
Prep food as needed for the next day
Smoke all day saturday
Girth up sunday :)

Also my dad emailed me and said in his experience it was good to brine all meats to prevent spoiling in the smoker. Is this the case? From reading it seemed that brine only served as a flavor/juicier enhancer?

Thanks for everything, I can't wait for the weekend. My wife already thinks I have lost it. I have stopped talking to her about my plans as she just sort of nods and smiles at me.
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EDIT - Found it in USER CP. Odd I never changed it.

Also all of the threads now read backwards to me, newest on page one, oldest on page last at the bottom. Can I change this? I don't recall doing any setting changes.
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welcome to the site
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Welcome aboard Jesse! :)
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