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for those of you that say paprika has no flavor, and is just used for mite want to read this article
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My friend gave me some fresh dried paprika and it had a great flavor, I use it in just about everything I make.
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Thanks Walking Dude!!!!

I am Hungarian and this is my peoples spice!!!! Thanks for helping other to understand that this is one of the most sought after spices in history.

people have died over paprika.

a side note tothose who want to experience real paprika.

Penzey's spice has paprika as good as mama brought back from Hungry last year.

Here is a link to paprika page.

Thanks again W D
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Another helpful member with even more info. backing up what we've said in the past. Thanks Dude.
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yeah, thanks dude. I love paprika and it is in most of my homemade rubs. I use the Szeged brand, but it is so expensive. Chef boy, thanks for the link. I will try to but some from there next time!
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I told ya all so ;{)
- The Mad Hunky
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Thanks Dude and thanks Chef boy. Good stuff.
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You get the sweet or the half sharp?
I've always been very satisfied with spice from Penzeys.

Oh yeah, and do you have a good family recipe for Chicken Paprikash?
I've got an old Hungarian friend from the Legion post who wants me to make him a dish like his Mother used to make as his Wife can no longer cook due to macular degeneration.
He always calls me by what I guess would be my Hun name "Yanisch".
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I have and use all 4 of my types of the stuff-mex. hungarian sweet& hot and smoked- goes into ALL-well most my rubs.won't live without it.
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I should look for that brand. I usually get it at a mennonite store north of here it has a great flavor but I wonder if it could be even better. It's funny, I was watching a cooking show and they were using paprika and pronounced it just as it is spelled. So one day talking with my dad on the phone, ( who used to laugh at me for cooking ) ( And he took it up ). I pronounced it paprika. He say's don't you mean pepparika. I said no it's paprika. So now when I talk to him he says well I made this or that and added alittle pepparika. lol
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My Grammy does it as a 1 pot stew, but some people do it as a fricasse style with whole pieces of chicken serrved with spatzel with a sauce.

I preferr the stew style.

Grammy Kiss' "Pupikush" Paprikush

For the Spatzel:

Start with a nest of flour on a cutting board.
1 egg yolk for every person having noodles
1 half egg shell of water for each yolk.
pinch of salt.

work the nest into a heavy batter texture dough.
while the big pot of water is boiling with a butter knife quickly cut little worms off of the cutting board into the the water. stop every two minutes to let that batch cook and float, remove with a slotted spoon to an ice water bath. cool and drain, set aside.

For the stew.
1 lb chicken cubes
1/2 C chopped onion
1/4 C chopped carrot
1/4 C chopped celery
2 to 3 C chicken stock
16 oz sour cream
2 to 3 Tbls paprika
salt & pepper to taste

brown the chicken cubes in a large syew pot with some oil or butter, add the vegitables and continue the saute until they turn transluscent. add the paprika and cook for 1 minute carefully as to not burn the paprika.

Add the stock and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes or until the cheicken is done. add the spatzel and let them warm through.

put the sour cream in a large bowl and ladel 1 cup of the hot soup into the cream to help temper it, then pour the mixture into the stew and stir to combine. adjust the seasoning to taste.

It is so much better the next day, and a bit thicker too.
good eating.

I will post the recipe for Hungarian beef in carrot gravy with bread dumplings soon.

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I do the Fricassee, browing legs and thighs and simmering. If I have a whole bird, I'll simmer the trimmed rib bone in the stock for the extra flavor too.

Carrots? Huh..well, why not!

This is seriously good food people!
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Hey man, THANKS!
My buddy Joe just turned 82.
I'll fix this for him soon.
Points Dude.
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