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After one fattie, we are hooked! W/ Qview

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This was only our second smoke. When I discovered fatties and ABTs on here I couldn't wait to try them! So, Saturday, we smoked a fattie with some ABTs for lunch and then ribs and more ABTs for dinner. I filled the fattie with mushrooms, scrambled eggs and cheese. I wasn't brave enough to try the bacon weave....YET icon_smile.gif We were very happy with how it all turned out! I think I feel my arteries clogging as I type, but it was worth every bite!

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Your making me hungry. How do you make fatties and what does ABTs stand for? Again those look really good.
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very nice! i see you like your abt's spicy. welcome to the mad house and keep the view coming!
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try looking in the Smoking Meat (and other things) section...
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Very nice job on yer first fatties!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
I'd kill for one of those ABTs right about now!!!
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Abt is Atomic Buffalo Turd, check out this link

And a link for making a fattie
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Thanks guys. I cant wait to try one now!!!!!
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Thanks, everyone! I just can't tell you how much I've learned from here! There's so many good recipes and ideas that are being shared. It's awesome!
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Looks very good!
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Looking good, and you will definately be hooked.
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And another one bites the fattie, as a new awareness over takes your sences keep in mind that there is no way back into sanity

Nice Q-viewPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great!
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mmmmmmmmmmmm FATTYS,geat looking Qview.
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Yep it's a great place! Nice work, BTW...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Beautiful Fatty! Job well done.

When are the meetings? Is it a 12 step program? Another one bites the Fatty! The endless possibilities . . . . a different dinner every night.

Has anyone tried wrapping them in turkey bacon - the Blond Tornado won't touch pork, ya know.
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lol yeah once your friends and family taste a fatty - you're stuffed (as well as the fatty). There's no going back.

What you can try are smaller fatties - I did some with 8oz sausage meat. Also make your own sausage meat, that way you can keep the fat down and not feel quite so guilty about eating them :-)

'turkey bacon' two words that ought never be uttered where decent men and women gather to eat lol.
You really don't want to know what goes into that crap - but try cooking your fatties without bacon - naked as it were. Works just as well - tastes just as good :-)
If the blonde tornado won't touch pork, try making a beef and turkey thigh sausage meat. the turkey thigh has similiar properties to pork and should keep the sausage meat succulent :-)
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