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The thought helps me sleep at night. biggrin.gif
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Rich you need to try my Dewey's Dirt Road Bar-B-Que Sauce

This and a modified Jeff's are my two main sauces, but I am not pass trying other sauces from time to time. Dewey sauce actually uses a bottle of commercial sauce in the ingridents.
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sauce and rub

I love sauce. and rub. but sauce more. 4 years ago me and my best friend took over his dads small time bbq sauce company. In one year we expanded to a bbq restaurant.

Our sauce is Busters Blueberry BBQ sauce - check out my site at one side is dedicated to the sauce the other to our restaurant.

We have won lots of awards from the American Royal and took Grand Champion at the Great American, not to shabby for a small time Canadian sauce in a BIG time U.S. Comp.

So order today and let me know what you think!!!!

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We usually make our own. I like using fruits too, gives a wonderful layer of flavor. I started making my own because I could use organic catsup that does not have HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in it.

We do buy some commercial sauces, Costco had a really good organic sauce that we liked a lot, and Sweet Baby Rays (most of the pro chef's I know use this one at home - very good sauce. But I really like homemade - I can tailor it to the theme of the meal.
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I stay away from the ones with artificial smoke flavorings. I like stubbs and sweet baby ray's
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ditto chef_boy812, as far as the bottles from places I have been too, I went to one place in Houston, and did not get a bottle, I am getting one in march when we go back..
So chef_boy812..I have to ask for the recipes and the stories...ok perhaps just one heriloom recipe??
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