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Smoke a Turkey Breast?

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I have a Turkey Breast......I usually inject them with a beer-butter injection & grill them......They are great......I have never smoked a turkey breast......What tips do y'all have?.....Should I do the beer-butter injection then smoke?.....Give me some ideas?
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I like to make turkey pastrami with the breast......

Just one option. :)
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Beer butter injection sounds pretty good to me. I usually do the whole bird and brine it. Injecting would work well tho.
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Is smoked Turkey "better" than grilled or baked? Any opinions?
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My personal taste buds enjoy a smoked turkey vs. roasted or grilled.
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In my opinion yes much better. The only thing that compares to smoked turkey is a deep fried turkey. I have the deep fryer and oil but still find myself smoking them more than anything else.
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Ok.....I will smoke it.....What temp & what wood compliments Turkey?
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I do mine hot at about 325* because my family has to have crispy skin they think. If I wasn't worried about the skin I would smoke at 225* for better smoke. I have used hickory, cherry, and apple. My personal choice is straight apple but it is a light flavor.
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Ok.......I will smoker her up then......What temp & what wood compliment a Tureky?
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Great advice!
If you can get some Pecan, its to die for!
Smoke until 165* and let rest.
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I have done several turkey breast and this is how I do em. Lots of compliments.

I pull skin back across breast and season with my rub. Then pull skin back over bird and lightly rub with olive oil. I inject the bird liberally with 1 cup apple juice mixed with 1 tbs my rub. Dust down outside and inside of bird with rub and smoke 275-300 with Pecan or Apple,till bird is 150 internal. Wrap in foil and smoke to 170-175. I know you are not suppose to need to go that high now but it has never been dry and is very tender. Let rest about 30-45 minutes before unwrapping and carving. Enjoy!
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