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Another awesome weekend, minus a lil rain....
Great seeing all the gang and meeting a few new ones.
Sorry i didn't get to visit more but kept fairly busy, wish ya stopped by some more but you would have only been that much more intoxicated....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Only got a few pics besides my turn ins and now i can't share that with ya. lol

Nice seeing Dan, Cheech, Crewdawg, the Smo Sco's, JohnD, I met Scott but don't remember your handle PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif and a couple more but it was blurry, er...foggy.

We finished a respectable 11th, with a 5th in Brisket, judging was strange but thats for another forum.

We will be looking at possibly 6 comps next year so anybody at all interested, keep in touch and we'll get ya started!

Ask Dan, nuthin to it, right brother? cool.gif
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not if you're english they don't ;-)
(like me).

That really is weird. last time i was in the states people ketp asking me if I was australian - and apparently I even have an accent when I type - weird. :-)
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Ask Dan, nuthin to it, right brother? cool.gif

Yeah, right!
It's alot of work. The hardest part is NOT forgetting anything ya need. Lotsa folks will help ya with some of that stuff, and most will help ya with food questions.Keeping yourself comfortable is the next important factor.

combine camping with a cookout, throw in a parade, and weather, then ya got it.

Ardvardk, I looked at your profile, I don't recognize overseas zips, and the rest of the profile is pretty blank, and I didn't think England had ardvarks, so there ya go!icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for sharing the pics. biggrin.gif

.....and highlighting the Brethren team names. LOL eek.gif
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I had a pizza for dinner............. No Que for a few days!
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Amen to that!!
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I'm sorry you didn't like the taste of your teams Q!icon_smile.gif

FBJ, thats because thats the site I got the info from.It is the premier comp site I think anyways.
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10-4 Just attempting a little ball busting there. biggrin.gif
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Didnt say I didnt like it. In fact our 5th place BBQ was pretty darn good, even compared to your 8th place BBQ (yeah, ball bustin thar) wink.gif

Just a little sick of the stuff. I babysat 4 large hunks of meat, 3 racks of ribs, and 18 chicken parts. After seeing 2 hunks of meat torn to shreds, and the other 2 sliced up like some college girl in a b-rated horror movie, well, just tired of the stuff (right now).

Thinkin sushi tonight!!!!!!
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This was the first comp I ever attended. And though I did not participate (except in a timely shot), I was welcomed, fed, and given TONS of information by all.
Thanks to:
BBQ Bubba and the rest of the RSS team for the welcome and info.
The Smokin' Scotsmen for all their tons of info (BTW, I ordered some ceramic fiber insulation for the fire box of my monster cooker)
And, a guy named Mark from down near the Illinois border for info and some samples that didn't quite make the cut.

Sorry I didn't meet and talk with more but I had to duck out early as the rain was making it difficult to keep my 6 month old boy content. And, I didn't want him associating with the likes of most of the BBQers down there...Not till next year at least!biggrin.gif

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Don't know how I missed this thread?

Anyhow, thanks for sharing the photos, looks like a good time was had by all. I'm going to have to enter a backyard BBQ competition sometime, I wouldn't expect to do well, but it sure looks like fun, kind of like tailgating without the football game. biggrin.gif
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