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a try at q-view

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Nice looking smoker!
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Woah!!!! Is that a GOSM on the top left?

Looks familiar! Parts of it anyway. You got a good lookin' Q-machine there. Looks like multiple cooking temps, warmer, ect., all in one without having to mess with the fire. I like what I see...

Show us your first smoke w/her, ya got me seriously interested.
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need practice

can get one pic at a time for now,will play around and (eventually)get sets of q-view
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type of unit

By the way, this is a Tejas 2040cc. Have already gotten to know her very well. Flo is her name and she is a snap to control. A very good product,thick metal,good seals and in my range of price(shipping was a BOOGER).eek.gif
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Tejas Smokers

Hey forluvofsmoke, If interested in this type of unit try logging onto Tejas smokers site . There out of Houston and are gaining popularity over the more expensive Klose and Gator brands. Yeah they Are good ,but this one can run them a good race;with a little bit of Mods. one can have a premo cooker at about half the price. Make your mind up soon as I've noticed thier prices are on the increase too! Just be ready to get popped for the shipping(weight was about 900#) and 1400mi. shipment.icon_evil.gif
Yeah it would be nice to have a BMW, but chevy is good too!
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