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Caption this photo 091308

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Ummm doggy! ... you wanna skin er r cook er?

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10 years after the nuclear war, animals have grown to immense proportions, man's only hope is to annialate them!
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LOMAO good idea lol ( should of used a bigger tranquilizer Gun )
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chernobyl hunting reserve
they say things are bigger in texas, but come to mother russia where our nuclear wasteland has produced the most exciting hunting available. This is a squirrel, but you should see our bear!


disclaimer: you may or may not experience sore throat, itchy skin, sudden aoutbreaks of lesions and or festering wounds, or slow excrutiating death due to toxic amounts of radiation.
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Ken, you might want to call Barbie. Tell her to forget the ecb, fire up the Lang!!
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AND she's got a new fur coat coming Wheeedoggie! Gonna be a GOOD night! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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well bob, The peanut crop will safe for now. Yeah jake, but for how long......................................
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This thing wasn't about to get OUR nuts" !!!

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That takes care of that. Now lets go get that Bullwinkle !
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Alright, now where's that damn Simon and Theodore?!

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So We Opened Up Our Squirel Guns And Really Gave Em Hell.......
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ok Bud,when I take my foot off his head,just run.
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"Barbie said she wanted us to find a way to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder."
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"Now, we need ta find your momma!"
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This sure beats "messin with sasquatch"!
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Uh, Ken, I think we're gonna need that XTRA LARGE dutch oven tonight!
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too funny!!!
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All 3 look a little stiff!!!
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No WMD's were found in Iraq, But the giant suicide squirrels are still a constant threat to US troops
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I showed my wife and kids this, thinking they would laugh, but....... they all bent there lower lips down and said "awwwww" LOL
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