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Core them out

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Whats the best method for coring these puppies out?
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i cut em in half.......make a boat/canoe outta em...........doubles the amount, and makes it easier to get the seeds and ribs out..........then just place a piece of bacon on top, secured with a toothpick.........

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Thanks..yeah..thats how I normaly do them...was just wanting to try the whole method. If they are big enough...I have found a carrot peeler works great...thank the wife for that infoPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I buy large ones and split them down the side. you can squeeze them open like a coin purse, and clean them out with an apple corer. It's a little more work, but is more aesthetically pleasing than trying to keep two separate halves together. I then fill them with a Ziploc bag-turned-piping-bag. One toothpick securing bacon end at the bottom, tight wrapped spiral of bacon to the top, and another toothpick.
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I always use them whole and place them in my rack. I have a small serrated knife that curves up at the end and it works great. Wife likes them mild, so I am able to core them all the way out to include the membrane. I like A little kick to mine.
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I don't know the best method for coring, but I usually cut them in half lenghtwise, then run a small spoon down the membrane and it wipes the seeds along with it.
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