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First time smokin a butt. (qview)

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Tried smoking a couple of butts today. Had the day off so might as well watch a smoker.

I'm pretty happy with the end result.

Now what is the trick when I go to reheat the meat on Sunday for the BBQ?

Oh.. BTW Dutch. Your beans are killer.
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Timbre ~
Nice butt!!
Are you pulling it? If so, pull it store it in some zip locks with some finishing sauce and juice from the foil, then when your ready to reheat just pop it into some boiling water and voila! Or if your reheating it on the smoker you can leave it in the pan covered tight with foil and pop that into the smoker on Sunday till its heated through...
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I have it pulled and in tightly wrapped chafing dishes. I was thinking of adding a bit of juice on sunday keeping it tightly wrapped and putting it on my friends bbq to reheat. (The BBQ got moved from my house)

When you talk about puting it into water are you talking about directly putting the pulled pork into the water? Won't that take away some of the flavor and spices? Or is it done somewhat like a water bath?
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When you say pulled do you mean pulled from the smoker and wrapped, resting? or has it rested and you have now pulled it (shreaded it)
When you reheat it in water, you store the pulled (shreaded) pork in zip lock baggies, then to reheat you drop the zipped shut baggie into the boiling water.
It seams like you have the reheating down, I like to reheat for bbq's on the bbq as you are gonna do at your friends. Have a great Sunday BBQ!
In addition to the juice you can add some finishing sauce to it Sunday as well. It sounds YUMMY!
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Rested and pulled. The water trick makes a lot of sense now. Should have thought about that for a few extra minutes
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Wow, looks like a sweet butt!! Good job!
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Good job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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