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Buying Boston Butt

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Hi All,

Love the forum, just recently bought a electric Old Smokey and now became amember to the forum. Have done a few racks of ribs and a beef brisket and am dying for some pulled pork now from a Boston Butt after reading some of these posts.

A question I wanted to ask - where do you guys by your meat? i live about 10-15 miles NW of Philadelphia and really do not know where to look. Butchershops, grocery stores, farmer markets? Any tips or help would be much appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum, Jason. If you have a reputable butcher in your area, that would be my first choice...you may pay a little more for your meats through him, but they will tend to be much higher quality than the stores.

If that isn't the case...look around at your grocery stores.....even check out Wal-Mart, or Sam's Club.....try to get pork butts that aren't in some kind of brine or solution....it will say on the label if it is.

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what eric said...........i get mine from my local grocery store or sams club......pay about1.50 or so a lb, unless they get on sale for .99/lb like they do around here.........
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