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ABT's w/ lil smokies??

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Gonna give this a try tom... My question is would it be ok to dice the lil smokies and add them to the cream cheese or am I better of leaving them whole??
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I agree with Ken. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I put 'em right on top and wrap the whole thing in bacon. Last time I wrapped the Lil' Smokie in a salami slice and wrapped that whole thing in bacon. Yum, yum!!

Although it may seem redundant to smoke a Lil Smokie, they sure are good on the ABTs.

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I just made some last weekend with lil polskies which are just small kielbasa and they were unbelievable. I made 30 of them for people at a party and they were gone in 15 minutes. Haven't tried it with the lil smokies yet, but sure it will be about the same.
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I slice them in half the long way so they will fit in with a slice of pepper jack cheese, but whole is good too!
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What a clever idea!! I've got some pimento cheese I made in the fridge that would be really good stuffed in around a 'lil smokie'. Those sound really really good.
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We use Lil Smokies all the time. Pretty much the best, but we have been trying to make ABT's alittle more healthy. Low fat cream cheese, low fat Cheddar cheese, half a strip of bacon and we cut the Lil Smokie length-wise so we can do two ABT's instead of one. I don't see a problem with your idea though either.
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I call mine pigs in a canoe. Slice the japs in half an stuff, then put the pig on top! Hold em down with a toothpick. Might fine eatin!
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I've never tried them with smokies - can't wait to, though. Always looking to expand my smoky horizons!

I make my 'South Texas Afterburners' with chorizo, mixed cheeses and minced Chipotles, all wrapped in bacon.
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That sounds really good! I like your thinking! scrumptious!
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Whole smokies is the norm, however I bet diced smokies topped with a whole smokey may be outrageous!!! biggrin.gif
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If you need the pimento cheese recipe holler - it's from Cuisine at Home and I can post it if you need it.
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