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Did a little fishing over the weekend

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I didn't take a whole lotta pics, but I figured I'd share what I do have.

Trillium lake, with Mt. Hood in the background

my fishing buddies

a couple locals. They hung around all day.

Another scenic shot

My buddy Mike caught the big one of the day. Fishing wasn't exactly what I'd call hoppin.
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looks like a great place to spend the day with friends. Fish or no fish, the scenery is awesome. Thanks for posting it. I wish I coulda been there to show ya how to catch em!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Wow...Mike that looks perfect!! What a great fishing hole. lol
Thanks for sharing your pics.....I wanna go next time. biggrin.gif
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atleast if the fishin stinks, all you got to do is look around and soak up the scenery. Nice pics.
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Cool Dude!
Sort of reminiscent of fishin in Canada, well, except for the "small mouth" fish! :)

Very cool!
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Looks beautiful, Pitrow.
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Mt. Hood & that general area is Awsome, thanks for the pics.
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nice pics-whats that white stuff on the mountian? I have a christmas card with that stuff on it-I bring it out each winter.
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Thanks everyone! Like I always say, even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of house work! lol.

Oh yeah, I forgot that part. The kinda square looking patch of snow right in the middle of the mountain in the first pic is the Palmer snowfield. The only year-round downhill skiing in the country. You could see 'em up there grooming it when we got there.
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Sounds like my luck with the rod an reel. I just say Im goin castin anymore, that way i dont get my hopes up. Nice pics tho!cool.gif
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What an awesome place to fish or look at the surroundings thanks for sharing
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