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Ready for Saturday

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Just picked this up on the way home.

Wife picked up a 8.5lb Butt this afternoon

Guess I better put this sucker together

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sounds like a couple with a plan! make sure ya clean and season it before ya stick yer meat in it!eek.gif
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Looks like you're on your way to good smokes.
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Git-r-done! You will be happy you did!
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LOL I'm always careful where I stick my meat

The plan is to assemble this evening season when I get home from work tomorrow begin smokin early sat AM.

Instructions say to coat inside with veg. oil and fire it up for a few hours (no smoke) then let it cool anything else I need to know about the seasoning?

Thanks in advance
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That is all you need to do. I would only go 1 hr or so at full temp. Good luck.
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you need to get a different thermometer...
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I'd put a couple of chips of wood in it during seasoning just for the aroma. Ahhh, I love the smell of smoke!
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Congratulations on the new smoker.
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I does not even come with a thermometer!

don't worry I have already installed ports for two.

One just below the top grill and one in the dome.

there will be pics soon

Its actually seasoning right now
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season it with wood chipsicon_smile.gif
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