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my cheese press

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ok scotty

how does it work
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Ya Scotty, you got us on the edge of our seats now, let us know how it was made & as Salmonclubber wrote how does it work?
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That was just a teaser. I need one more piece before i finish the job. Then i will post the whole enchilada. It will totally break apart and will use weight lifting weights for the pressure.

I was just showing off because i have finally gotten most of the parts together. I need som food grade epoxy amd one other of the white cutting boards
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You have my curiousity peaked also.....

Are you sliding one type of cheese inside another? Kinda like a cheese filled cheese.....
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Scotty, that looks cool. Im not sure how it works, but i am anxious to see!

I didnt think there was another way to make cheese better, but that may be it. Of course it would have to be smoked cheese filled cheese
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Its just 2 size forms with a third plunger. I need another board to cut the circles from-and also some food grade epoxy coating
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Then wrapped in bacon
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mmmmmm.....Smoked, Bacon Wrapped, Cheese filled Cheese.....
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Then bread it and deep fry it. "Deep fried, bacon wrapped, smoked cheese filled cheese" That should be on a menu somewhere!

My apologies to Scotty for thread hijacking.
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Ok, I will be the one to ask the question. What the hell do you do with a cheese press?
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Dont forget to top or dip with some sort of marinara or other really tasty sauce!
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How about cooked, minced bacon IN the cheese as you press it? Mmm...
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"Is this heaven? no its SMF"
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Hel boys and gals, we are making a new recipe here !!!
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I think some peppers should be added as well for some heat.
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Why, Belair, you use a cheese press to press the wrinkles out of the cheese!! cool.gifbiggrin.gif

Actually, a cheese press is used to press the excess whey out of the curds thus forming a solid mass of cheese.

Come on Scotty-get on the ball. Finish this thing up and show us your cheese!!
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I wouldnt consider it hijacking, just giving him some ideas for qview when he starts pressing
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Scotland :-) They deep fry EVERYTHING.
Of course it wud (that's 'would' in a scottish accent ;-) have to be: Deep fried, BATTERED, bacon wrapped, smoked cheese filled cheese.

Wow so you're going to make your own cheese scotty ?
Amazing stuff - what sort of cultures are you going for ?
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