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Thursday starts the weekend

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Yay! Im off till Tuesday and going on a fishing trip to Carlyle lake, but i had to smoke something before i go. The victim is spare ribs. I rubbed them down w/ my memphis rub. Smoking w/ hickory and will be using a 50/25/25 mix of Welches grape juice concentrate, Jim Beam and water to spritz.

More pics to follow as the story develops
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Looks like you're of to a good start. Lookin forward to the finished Q-view.
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Good lookin victim...Jim Beam will never let ya down!
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I got a set of spares waiting for the weekend too. I prefer to trim mine down to St. Louis cut, but that's just me.
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Spritz and get a pic

3 hrs and ready for foil for an hour

outta the foil and on the final 45 min
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Any Jim Beam....uhm.. I mean spritzer left?
Looking good..............
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Final pics and chow down

Mopped with a lil sweet baby rays for the last few minutes

cant see smoke ring cuz i forgot to turn off the flash, but its there. Some of the best ribs i have done yet, had a lil bit of a hammy flavor

Here it is with cauliflower and cheese, bread and butter and nanner puddin

I think that next time ill let it stay in the foil for the whole 2 hrs, i like them to be a lil more fall off the bone but it must not have been too bad cuz i ate way too much!
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I think that there is a lil left in the bottle, and yes, i did pour some in a glass over ice when i was done spritzing, but it was tooooo grapey so i added more Beam.
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Looks good 365..I always eat too much that's why i'm fat..too much
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As you may see in my new avatar pic, i have quite the double chin goin on my self. I got a tripple gut tho, thats why i just got a mug shot LOL
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Looks great and a nice start to a long weekend PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ribs are super. Now go fishing and post some pictures of your catch. pictures.....didn't happen.biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the compliments everyone!

It may be more throw the hook in with no bait and sip on a barley pop kinda trip. I am hoping to score some walleye though. If i get anything, you can bet there will be q...err fview
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