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Lang 48 or 60

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Hi guys, i just pulled the trigger on a Lang 48 patio, but I am having second thoughts, thinking I should maybe go with the 60. Ben said I had a week to change my mind. I mainly cook for just the 4 of us and occasionly 15-20. Most people I talk to say go one size bigger than you think you'll need. I know the 48 can handle the majority of my cooking, I'm just worried about the days when I do have 15-20 and want to throw chicken, tray of beans and whatever else people want. Does the 60 cook as easy as the 48 when you are only cooking for 4?

thanks Brick
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I'd think the 48 will be fine for 15-20 folks. Helped on a 60 person last weekend and used the 60. It was full but none the less..that's 3X the peeps.
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Everybody I talked to that bought a 60 said they wished they had bought the 84. So, I bought the 84 and it is perfecto!!!
Go with the biggest you can afford. I wish I had bought the twin 84.
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Well..untill you wanna do some ABT's and a couple fattys and it takes a face cord to do them ;{)
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How would the 60 cook compared to the 48 when your only cooking small amounts, does it take a lot more fuel to get up to temp? I'm just thinking it's a hell of a lot easier to buy the 60 now than later, especially when you bring the wife into play...
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Well...how big is yer wife? biggrin.gif

I guess I can't expound on that. Lang owners?? Step up pleeze! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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they cook the same, but your wood usage will skyrocket, compared to the 48
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IMO either one you choose I'd go with the Mobile model. Be nice to be able to tow it if needed instead of putting it on a trailer.
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I would go bigger if the $$ isn't a concern. Never hear anyone say that they wish they would have gotten a smaller smoker.
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Putting it on a trailer is out of th question for me, Ben said the new 48's are weighng in at 720 lbs.icon_surprised.gif
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zen, i have heard GOOD things about trailering it, and BAD things about getting it on a trailer. A former member here, bought a 60, i believe, don't quote me on that, but did NOT get it on a trailer. His logic of thought, was, if it was on a trailer, EVERYONE would want him to tow it to THEIR house, and cook for THEIR parties..............mostly for FREE

He just didn't want the hassle. So he just put it on his patio...........
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I think the real question to ask is simple... how much do the people you invite eat? if you are currently feeding an army of 20, with the diet of 60 (I have several friends in this category, one ate 3-4lbs of pulled pork plus sides), the 48 will not cover you with 20 friends like that if you are making diverse foods, just pulled/sliced pork ok, but we all know that won't work for 20 people usually.

what size smoker do you use now? the langs have a surface area number, compare that to what you are using, is it enough to make up for what you are missing with some room for a couple of extra friends? i'd hate to have to pay to heat a smoker 4x the size of anything I would need 99%, I'd probably consider using a second smoker for the 1%..
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Yup, if they want me to cook they can come to my house, as long as they bring the beer.biggrin.gif
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I have the 84 and it is far from a wood hog. It takes very little wood. I don't think you'll find much cooking difference from the 48 to the 60 they should both be great. As far as which to get I can't really help you with that question it seems sometimes you never have enough space in any smoker and at other times it seems like theres so little food in it that its just too big
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The 48 has been fine for me, so far I've never needed more smoker for 20 people or less and don't think I ever will. You just need to think about the largest possible crowd you'll be cooking for. Even the 48 has two levels of grates, top rack is removeable if you're cooking tall things like beer can chickens.

I don't think there would be a big differance in wood consumption between the 48 and the 60. That makes the deciding factor, the number of bar b q hungry friends you have. You may find that you have more friends wanting to come over when word gets out about your yummy pulled pork and ribs.

You'll enjoy the Lang no matter which one you decide on.
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A note also to you, All of the smokers have increased cooking surfaces now that they have been redesigned.
I think the mod 48 went from 36"x22" to 44"x22".

I ordered a Mod. 48 trailer a month ago and have been sitting here waiting on delivery for 2 weeks. The smoker was actually done 2 weeks ago.

Was supposed to be here yesterday so I was assured, and as of yesterday evening it had not even left GA. Needless to say I am not to happy right now.icon_frown.gificon_frown.gif
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Brick-I dont have a Lang...yet. But when I can it will be the 48. Mobile or patio? Dunno yet. I just cant see buying 3X the smoker that I will ever need. Heck I dont even have 60 friends. And you still got your Chargriller and the rest if you need more space. A real pitmaster can tend more than one fire at a time.
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I have a 60 and love it. Here is a thought for you. Do you want to keep it in your garage when not in use? If so, which one fits better?

I will say, I have been kind of looking at 84's, but maybe I am crazy!!

Do you plan on doing sides, like baked beans, and other dishes? The extra space on a 60 will make that easy for you, even if you are just baking covered side dishes like a tator & veggie mix. Just close your eyes, think about what you really want, and get it.

Like the others said, you will be happy with either one as far as how they cook, its just what you will be doing with it. If I wasn't sure yet how much food I will be cooking, etc, then I would go 60, but if I was experienced enough to know how much I will always cook and how many people, then I would pick the 48 knowing myself and my family/friends.

PS What's the shipping difference to California between models? If it isn't much, consider re-sale values versus total invest---Smoker + Shipping=total
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Steve when you get your 84, call me and Ill take your 60 off your hands for ya.
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Go big or stay home!!!!

Seriously, I looked at the 48, 60 and decided I want the model 84 kitchen.... Why? because.... I'll never say I wish I went bigger.
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