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prime rib

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i gotta 4 bone prime rib from a half cow and wondering what to do with it ,i know its the best cut but i never done one ty in advance
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Several prime smokes documented here... Hmm lemme look...
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Send it to me and I will let you know how it turns out!
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How thick is this?

Kinda sounds like these, although I have them cut individually.

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ty rich i guess im cutting up an grilling steaks
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dang they look good too q view coming
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now i just gotta do these up good i reckon salt and pepper
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Thats a shame, to late now.
Smoke whole roast until 120* then slice into steaks and finish on grill to desired doneness....Best of both worlds.
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OK, my mistake. But I can see why some thought mine were prime rib bones as they look similar, just cut closer to the bone. confused.gif
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Enjoy those steaks, looks good to me biggrin.gif
Next cow you can try it whole wink.gif
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Yep, you've got some primo steaks there. I'm sure the're gonna be good. Enjoy!
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