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new here and need info

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I am new here, having just bought a masterbuilt electric smoker. After reading much of the info here in the forums I did a pork butt and ribs yesterday and they came out terrific. I have seen the term "Lump" mentioned in some of the posts here. In the simplest terms, what exactly does the term "lump" refer to? Thanks
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Lump charcoal. I tried it and don't care for it.

Congrats on your MES.

Check in at the roll call forum and introduce yourself.
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Lump is charcoal. I have a tough time describing it but to say it is different from charcoal. In my my mind, what you are purchasing when you get lump should be factory preburned hardwood.

If in fact it is preburnt hardwood, you should get higher temps and a little additional smoke flavor from it compared to burning coal with wood for smoking added.
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Lump charcoal as opposed to charcoal briquets. Basicallt it's jsut wood that burns down to chacoal rather then briquets which are ground down wood with different types of fillers added to make them stay together and create uniform pieces.

I'd say the vast majority use lump on this forum. It usually burns hotter then briquets and imparts a smokier taste to the food. There are many different brands some that are more popular like Royal Oak and some less popular like Cowboy brand.
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Welcome tot he SMF, and congrats on the new MES. Lump refers to a type of charcoal that is favored by many for its burning qualities.
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Another good thing about lump is it produces a lot less ash then briqettes. Which for us cgsp users is a big deal biggrin.gif .
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I've switched primarily to lump, after I found the best choice brand lump which is half the cost of Kingsford lump.
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