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New to the board from Washington State

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Hello Everyone,
I am a Navy man stationed about 70 miles north of Seattle. I got into smoking after I received a Brinkman square verticle smoker for fathers day. After a few modifications to actually get the thing to work I can't get enough! Just a few shoulders and 2 biskests so far, but they are coming out great and I am looking for new ideas.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Thank you for your service to our country. You have come to the right place for info and recipes. You may want to sign up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse too its got lots of really good info and its free. Have fun and happy smoking
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Greetings and Sincere thanks to you for your service!
New ideas....Try a search for...ABT's then FATTIES...that will keep ya busy while you try say a Beer inthe but Chix, or perhaps a stuffed pork loin....YUMMY...brined turkey anyone???
Loads of yummy stuff in here Gitmo'....BTW props on the name!!
Now serving water.....
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Welcome to the forum Gitmo, thank you for your service!cool.gif
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a tad north of me....I'm in Everett myself.....good to see you!!!! and btw there are several of us northwest smokers here....I'm not on near as often as i used to be however.....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hi and welcome,try a Fatty,did my first one on Sunday,they are better than great.
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Welcome to the SMF, and congrats on getting some great results. Keep reading the different forums, you'll have plenty of ideas for future smokes.
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really cool to see another Washingtonian. I think you're somewhere slightly north of me.
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washington smoker

Well here is another new Soker from the rain State,
I have had an elec smoker for about 5 years, and just purchased a Propane from Joe's sporting goods in Tacoma (GOSM)
am having a prob with too high a heat, so am here looking for tips
I enjoy what I have read so far
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Gitmo & Gary,

Welcome!.............How do you smoke in Washington when it rains all the time?......biggrin.gif If you have not yet, try a FATTY but watch out, they can be addicting.
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Welcome to SMF and THANK YOU for your service to our country! It's all here, man... anything that you could want to know. I distinctly remember a smoked octopus post...LOL!
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Welcome to the world of smoke...I too thank you for your service, you guys are greatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif As said check out the forums for plenty of ideas around
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Welcome abouard guys. You've found the right place. Just south of ya here in Oly town. Hope you're enjoying the weather and enjoy your stay here.

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Hey Gitmo,

The best thing that I have smoked that is out of the ordinary is a meatloaf. I think that any meatloaf recipe will work, just want to follow directions for smoking one to get ideas for pan size and so forth for your smoker. ABT's are good, but the wife does not like jalapenos. I have made ABT's with sweet peppers and they are good as well. I am not a huge Fatty fan, but a lot of people love them. Good luck and good eating.
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Welcome GSmoke.
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