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Forgive for ......

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Forgive me SMF members for I have sinned tonight. After promising my wife a philly steak and cheese fatty tonight. I went for a ride on my 4 wheeler and logged in a 50 mile run. So alas I have cheated and promised her it would be ready for her to take in her lunch tomorrow. Will she gently sleeps I have commondered her oven. My GOSM sets quietly while she sleeps. So I have taken my blow torch and ignited a piece of hickory placed under bedroom window so she will sleep with dancing smokers thru out her night of blissful sleep. If the stars are alighned I may just pull this one off and to be sure I even did the dishes which she always says leave for her.
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shame on you-but i like the chunk of hickory wispping in the window.
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Don't worry...No pics, did'nt happen.
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good thing fatback isn't on atm........LOLOL
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No kidding, poor guy. cool.gif
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Well.........this thread has a couple of things going for it as far as the "Official Fatback Guide to Oven Usage"

1. It looks like the whole thing was done in the oven.......that is fine, it is the moving from the smoker to the oven that is forbidden.

B. When it comes to bamboozling the wife while you screw around and do what ever it is you would be rather be doing, the if the oven accomplishes that, more power to you. biggrin.gif

3. If the GOSM is gas, then he is cheater anyhow so what difference does the oven make icon_evil.gif . If it is not, then item C isn't an issue and just refer back to 1 and B.

All that being said.......almost made a joke about giving the wife a fatty, but I suspect it would have been moderated. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Anyhow, points to JustSmoke2 for not being a slave to the wife PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif (don't let my wife read this)

Edit - Oh yeah, no pics so none of this even happened anyhow.
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Joe, i missed item "C"? eek.gif
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I hope the winder was opened if not it was all for naught
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123 and ABC are all interchangeable in my world.
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Well it worked. She smelt the fresh aroma of hickory and was dancing thru her dreams of a fine eat. She packed 3 pounder with the bread I had sliced for her and took it all to work. She came home and said how everyone was delighted what I did for them. They really appreciated the smoke flavor (cough) of the meat. So to reward me my wife has offered to clean all my racks as we type. Thank God she doesnt read this forum. So Friday she is letting me ride for the whole day. So seeing we is gettin close to deer season for Bow she says she will layoff to only 1 meal a week from the smoker.
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So I have taken my blow torch and ignited a piece of hickory placed under bedroom window so she will sleep with dancing smokers thru out her night of blissful sleep.

just brilliantPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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So how did you make a philly cheesesteak fatty???

Was it wit??
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Remember Shell, this was a dream, never actually happened.

By imn88fan
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I had some ground sirloin in the freezer thawed and rolled out. Added green and yellow peppers, mozarella cheese,onions, and mushrooms. Cook like a normal fatty. Then I let rest and then chill it. Got a loaf of vienna bread its called. Sliced the bread 2inches thick and made garlic toast. Heat up the broiler, then sliced the fatty, foil a cake pan, lay bread down, add the fatty, layer some more peppers and onion mix, then a slice of cheese on top of that, toss under broiler til melted and then enjoy. Its an open face type sammich
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