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Moer stuffed chicken roulades

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Peepperoni on the inside ,bacon without. Noway these breast had a chance in hell to dry out.Pepperjack and a bit of cream cheese. These things make a fine meal. Another quicky on a work night. Nothing like writing a prep list for your kids.

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That really looks good! Especially with the pepperjack. Gotta try this one!
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Pepperjack rules. Nice grub WZ.
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Another fine feast William!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats on another great one, the banquet of my eyes...
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that some good looking chicken man, I think I'll have to copy that one.
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Hot diggity darn! Tasty treats worth the eats! Kudos!

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nice one bill..............i take it you DID smoke em?.......smoker temps and wood used?

on my list to do.......fur sure
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also, how in the HECK did you roll those up.......with that HUGE chunk of pj cheese in the middle.......looks like a TITE fit..........but just showed it to momma, its on the list this weekend!
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The key to getting it all in there and not having the breast bust open PLUS having that uniform shape is to not pound it yet use a sharp filet knife and open the breast up on both sides then when you roll it up it actually closes up almost naturally, tuck a little on top and a little on the bottom and the whole thing will be completely sealed. see how we barely lost any cheese.

Smoked on the ECB bout 2 hours@240ish
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Looks great, i bet the pepperoni was awesome with the p.j. cheesecool.gif
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