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first pork shoulder smoke

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I was just wondering how many pounds does everyone on average smoke. I work at Costco so I will be buying it here. I have a 13#er for 23.45. Is that a good size. Thanks for any comments.
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That's a monster, the first one I did was about ½ that, nothing wrong with a big butt though, just plan on having a lot of time. smile.gif

$1.80 lb. is a good deal.
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That is a big butt! I usually stick with the 7-9 pounders and some of those take up to 18 hours to get done! Price is in line with what I pay. Good luck and make sure to post pics!
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I'm guessing that there are 2 butts in that pack.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I'd bet you're right.
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Yup, Costco sells 2 packs, so 2 6 lb'ers will do you nicely!
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Two sides to a butt. LOL. I guess you got both cheeks. Good luck with your smoke. Keep it thin and Blue. If ya like lots of smoke kick it up a bit.
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