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smoked jalopeno stuffed olives

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oh yea olives and yellow pear maters were kick *** along with the chirozo stuffed jalopenoes twice baked taters and some ribs .

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Great looking feast Morkdach!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I was lookin for instructions on how to stuff olives with chipotle. I missed something...
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I'm with you.

I believe if you could perfect the final product you'd have addicts.

Making sure the olive is not too dry and still able to be kept (stored) in brine I believe it would be a wonderful hit.

Maybe you just smoke the brine and macerate the stuffed olives for some time to infuse the smokey flavour?

Mar Toonie pleeze!

Heck maybe smoke the pepper and the brine then stuff the olives with the pepper and macerate in brine?

Guess I know what ronp is doin this weekend! :)
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Wow now thats a fine feast nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think I get it...

I was thinkin smoked jalapenos stuffed into olives... Half hour later I realized it might be jalapeno stuffed olives - smoked...Duh...

Either way it sounds GREAT!
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Great concept and Q too, congrats my friend.
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Great bunch of fixins. Nice job.
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Nice smokatizers
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i like your idea peno stuffed with green olives or olives stuffed with garlic stuffed in penoes smoked in hickory what ya think on that one
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I think it's missing the cheese...
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ok peno stuffed with olive that is stuffed with garlic then peno cream cheese then chirzo wrapped in pig candy sprinkeled with dried onions.
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looks like a heck of a feast. i love habenaro stuffed olives. bet them were great.
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