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CG Modding - question about painting internal parts

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I'm getting ready to mod my CG Outlaw and my brother-in-law has tons of scrap to work with. One of the pieces he has looks like it would work perfect as the baffle over the firebox opening but it's already primered. I forget what he said it was but something-oxide. The metal is red colored. I was wondering if it would be alright to paint it with high heat paint knowing it'll be the closest to the fire. I obviously don't want to poison anyone with paint particulates. Any thoughts?

By the way, I found some foundation vents (the holes in the foundation of your house - for those of you not on a slab) that are made of aluminum and are adjustable, meaning they can be opened or closed (and all points in between) for airflow. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to use them or just steel plate for tuning. Plate is cheaper (ie. free from my bro-in-law) but I'm having a hard time ignoring the fine-tuning factor the adjustable units offer. I welcome your opinions. Stay tuned for the mod pics.
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Sand or grind any paint off before putting inside the smoker. You don't want any paint, primer, chemicals of any kind or galvanized metal inside your smoker. it can be a health hazard and will ruin the taste of the food
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ya might find a small shop that would sand blast it pretty qiuck to,,,although yad have to high heat paint the outside anyway right after sand blasting...

My mechanic does autobody so they have a sandblaster for small parts n such
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NO PAINT. Rub with fat or spray Pam on it and fire up for seasoning of parts.
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Would you like to eat smoked paint???
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I was pretty certain logic had already provided the answer to my question but thought I'd check with the experts. Thanks for the validation.
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Ditto the ditto. That and fat dripping from several smokes is making my baffle and tuning plates look like the inside of a seasoned cast iron skillet. I just scrape off the big hunks and wipe the rest down with a paper towel.

While having something adjustable like the foundation vent may seem tempting, unless you can adjust the gaps without opening the smoker lid and unloading all of the meat, I think you're better off to just use some different sized plates for tuning. Do a few dry runs and after a short while, you will figure out how you want to set them. Plus the heavier metal will help retain the heat. Just my opinion.

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