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Another Michigan rib burn

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Here you go Rich, i'm throwing down the gauntlet.....

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OK capt dan and rich...time to be famousPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Item 8..........stealth mod. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Thats why they made insulated coffee mugs......wink.gif
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What in tarnation??? What about my mop?!?!?!
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Will they look at you funny if you just keep spraying the spray bottle in your mouth??
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A mop is not a beverage.......it is a mop. biggrin.gif

Just make sure the mop bucket is not incriminating. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I have "heard", some people have been known to take those 24 oz plastic soda bottles and pour out about half the diet pepsi and fill it back up again with Rum...

Sounds sneaky to me, but this is what I have heard.
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Don't worry about the booze guys, we'll take care of that.

Who wants to burn some ribs??? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Called bro... I will twist his arm.
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Bring him or tell him to cook himself, were all cooking solo for this event. biggrin.gif
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Rule 8 would keep me out. Isn't that the point of bbq comps? The endless drinking?
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Hmmm?, I gotta see where flushing is, sounds like a crappy city!eek.gif

Let's see, start boiling water at noon, put ribs on the gas grill at 2, drown in sauce at 2:30, back on gas grill, off at 2:45, drown and cut, make it to turn -in by 2:58!

Sorry Bubba, didn't mean to tell yer secret!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

I'll look at the calendar. I might be able to afford this one day event! With time left over to come home and have a drink.

That aint the UM/MSU game is it?Nope, thats good, then, no tournaments that day, not my turn to empty the cat litter that staurday..............oh crap, might as well. Let me see where Flushing is, gotta be near detroit, cuz all I hear lately is a giant flushing sound commin from that city.Tax dollars going down the drain!

OK, Flint, I was right, a crappy city! I got it penciled in, I'll bring my side arm.
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Hey Capt Dan, no need for the side arm in Flushing, we are a small town and are far enough from Flint where the riff raff stays away... This should be a fun time and I have some changes as well. You will only be required to turn in 5 bones, and the infamous Item #8, just need to be discrete, as it is a family event, but if you keep it on the down low it will be ok...
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Lookin forward to seeing you Again Dan!!

Now if we can only get Rich off them deep pockets.....cool.gif
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Looks like both Mark and I shall attend Mike..AND Bubba ;{)
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not sure if his system allows him to swallow Beam in stealth mode! He may have to start conditioning for this soon!icon_smile.gif

I did email the chamber about info, do you or Mike have anything else or a link to the whole festival event. It sounds like its not a spectator thing, since we are not to give or sell ribs to the public. So is this a lil side event seperate from the harvest festival itself ?

Thanks Bubba, it will be ggod to see ya again,and hopefully a few more from here or the GLBBQA.cool.gif
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Alrighty then, lookin like more fun now!
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Thats about it for info, except as Mike updates us.
I'm counting about 10-12 teams so far, should be a good time.
We are part of the festival but no selling (health dept.) but i'm sure we'll have plenty of spectators! cool.gif
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OK, the fireplug and I are gonna be there! Might spend the night up 75 at a friends in bridgeport after the cook!cool.gif
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