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How do you guys start a cook?

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I just bought a GOSM and am wondering how you all start the process do you run on high untill smoke or leave it on low untill it smokes. This is things I am looking for . Basicly a starting procedure.
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Hi fordman. On my smokers, electric and charcoal, I let them heat up good then bring the temps down. Once the temps come down and level off I add the wood and put the meat on.
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Once ya get the feel fer the GOSM, ya will know where yer knob settin gives ya yer 250* smoke. I just leave my knob there. When I start a smoke, I line the water pan with foil, get the chip pan prepped, add water ta the water pan, light the smoker, turn on the smoke box digi oh an open my stack damper wide open.

I let the smoker come up ta temp while I finish preppin the meat. Once I get ta 250* I usually have smoke startin an put the meat in.

Always best ta let the smoker come up ta temp before addin yer meat, that way yall spend less time in the 40 - 140 range, which has a limit a 4 hours.

It don't really take long ta get the GOSM up ta temp.
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On my smokers, I let them get hot, real hot. They cool off to temp while I open the doors and put that cold meat on the rack. Then it takes a while to get everything back up to 225* or so.
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Ditto with travcoman. Once you get a few cooks under your belt you will learn nuances of your smoker. Your first couple of cooks you will have the usual amount of temp spikes as temp drops. Get it as close as you can and then step back and observe. Mine when I am looking for 250 to start I go to middle setting then I adjust from there.
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I know didn't know if there was any tips in getting it started? I tried my cast smoker box and it took for ever to get any smoke put the stock pan in and all most instant smoke. I would guess a cast fry pan would take longer to get the wood to smoke.
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Alot have found the cast iron box is really too thick. Some have opted for a coffee can punched with some holes on the top for their wood chunks. I did a Propane conversion in my charcoal GOSM and found the coffee can, the way to go.
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Just don't use the newer plastic ones! biggrin.gif
(Sorry, couldn't resist that one!)
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with a lot of budweiser
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I start with a beer! biggrin.gif
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I never even put chips in the one what come with mine. I use a 9x9 cake pan, fill er up, cover with some aluminum foil, poke bout 3 er 4 holes in it an let er go. Lasts a decent time, the foil prevents flare ups an it starts smokin right quick!
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start smokin'

ya what he said!
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Pretty much do the same thing as travis. Pull the meat from frig a hr to 2 hrs to get room temp. Line the water pan with hd tin foil fill with hot water fill wood box turn on smoker. Wait for desired temps add meat, might have to adjust temps to your desire. Sit back and twist and pour biggrin.gif
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i LIKE this guys thinking.........biggrin.gif
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I know the rules wink.gif
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guess you didn't read my SIG. avatar.............LOL
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16 oz. glass, 5 ice cubes, 4 ounces of vodka and fill the remainder with Diet Mountain Dew. Now you have a VooDoo and it is time to start smoking !!!
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mossy, your slip is showing..........BWAHAHAHAHAHA
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Beat me to it, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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