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Heman Dinner Club Prsents: The French Connection Fattie

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Katie has to work late tonight. This makes me sad and happy.
I will miss her (sad); and I get to have Heman Dinner(happy). I can eat all of the awesome foods deemed unsavory, unfit, or even gross by Katie dinner standards (she is a picky eater). lmao

Tonight's show
The French Connection Fattie
Fresh pork sausage stuffed with a butterflied chicken breast, ham, gruyere cheese(nutty and flavorful swiss cheese), dijon mustard, and mixed musrooms sauted with garlic, rosemary, and thyme with a splash of Madeira ( a sweet wine that taste like raisens and vanilla; kinda like fruity bourbon)

here is the pork,mustard layer, then the chicken, I butterflied it into 3 sections and pounded it thin.

I for got to take the picture of the ham, mushroom and cheese layers, d'oh.
I just get too excited some times.
here the super chubby fattie!
In the bowl is a whole grain mustard and herb rub.

Thanks, will fill in more later.
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Love the title....looking real good there Chef!!!
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LOL....great show Chef, looking forward to the finale!
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Sounds great, looking forward to finished Qview. She doesn't know what she's missin icon_exclaim.gif
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Sounds like a heman dinner to me, good luck on the smoke!
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about an hour in so far, looking good. no bulges yet.
the 4 racks of spares are on their 2 hour ride in foil in the oven.
so I better get my rib tips on.

and here they are...
Katie are you ready to go to work yet???

Here she is too, have a nice evening at work.

More pics of the dinner later.
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<Bow> Gilbert Perreault at center, Rick Martin and Rene Robert at left wing and right wing, respectively. Buffalo Sabers. Gotta like hockey! And fatties!
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Hockey's great, but for me it's the Capitals. Ovechkin, Mike green, and federov. and a good ol' go to he** to olie kozig. lol

I am getting excited for the new season. we have our tickets for the home opener. The only 2 games I have to goto. the opener and the closer.
they have the best show.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

hungarian, smoking meat, hockey fan......hmmm you didn't happen to have a brother lost some time ago, it might have been
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Here she is, my heman dinner

It was a little dry, over cooke a little, but otherwise very good, the chicken layer was nice, slapit on a bun(french roll) and had some slaw on the side
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Niiice! mmm I'm hungry now! You grow the peppers?
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Please don't misunderstand... the French Connection line blurb was for historical purposes only! Go WINGS!
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this is my first year, I didn't plant nearly enough.

1 jap that has produced 40 peppers and counting.
2 hungarian wax, pretty good production, a little bitter
2 ceyanne started out strong but are getting tired
1 serrano and 1 hab both have produced 1 pepper and then the blossoms started to wilt off.
1 peri peri, tiny plant with tiny peppers maybe 30 so far, but it's like 4 tablespoons. made some spicey rice vinegar with them for chinese food night.

next year, I am going to skip the tomatoes and grow solely chiles. and herbs.

what do you have goin'
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no offence, would have nice to see the caps and wings play last year, so close, but this year we should be solid, except for a goal tender.
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You MAY need that..against a possible Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Hossa line ;{)
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Um, I think we need more pix of the Mrs! Shes Smokin' Hot.....
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good job mike! i was late on this one, but i'm always impressed by your que. keep up the good work!wink.gif
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