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Hey all....

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Hello everyone, Im a new poster here, but been lurking around for a while. I have a BBQ addiction and this looks like the place to be...... Im from a little town called Flora, Ms....and I meen little! Anyway, glad to finally be posting and sharing my addiction with all you fine addicts!
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Welcome TTH! What kind of smoker ya got? Been at it long? Favorite meats?

Enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the forum. biggrin.gif
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I got a GOSM propane, ECB, Homemade similar to DPP. Love all kinds of meat, If I can smoke it, I like it! Been at this for about 2 years. Competed once and took first for ribs in backyard division, Anyway, I love doin this, it has become my passion over the last 2 years.
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Welcome to SMF

My pappy was born in Sturgis, MS ... bout 100 miles NE of ya.
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LOL! TTH, you're gonna fit in here perfectly! Welcome aboard!!
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Welcome TTH.
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Richtee and the rest of us like to know a little about you and your smoker, grill, smokes. We all share, it's a good thing.
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welcome aboard
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Welcome TTH, glad to have ya aboard.
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Welcome TTH, glad you came out into the daylight!! Enjoy
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howdy and welcome !
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Thanks everyone....glad to be here. Well, My main cooker is made from an old 100 gallon air tank. Made 2 slide out racks..(sorry, no pics).. Fire box is made from an old safe...3/8 thick..2ft square. It tansfers heat and smoke into the back/bottom of the tank via 2 pieces of 3 in pipe. Similar to DPP...not even close to being as nice though. It works and works well so thats all that matters to me.. I cook ribs alot...I meen alot...for various people and small events. My favorite is briskit I think. I do briskit, butts, ribs, fatties, chicken, and anything else I can think of when its time to cook, which at my house, is very often!! Love to do deer shoulders also. now that im a member here, I shall start posting pics when I cook.
I would say Im still learning the art of bbq, definatly not a professional by any means.......just a man with a serious addiction!!PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Welcome TTH,

You may not be a professional, but it sounds like youre experienced enough anyway. Sounds like you have a couple a cool smokers. I am eventually going to get an offset smoker, but until then I will keep using what I got. Look forward to some pics from you, especially of the smoker made from an old safe. That sounds really interesting!
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Yeah, looking at it now, you wouldnt know it was an old safe. Just looks like a steel box now! It works good though. Trying to find another tank now and other parts. Want to build an offset reverse flow.
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