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Freeze already pulled or in chunks?

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Hi folks. I'm currently working on my first butt and plan on freezing much of it. I've searched the forum and it seems everyone agrees that pulled pork freezes well and foodsaver bags are preferred but ziplocs OK. But I couldn't find solutions to the following:

I don't have a vac-sealer and can't get one anytime soon. So should I still freeze it already pulled? It seems when you do slabs of bacon or big chunks of meat, it's recommended that you freeze it as a whole big piece instead of as slices. Would this apply to pork butt? If I'm just using zip-locs, would it stay fresher as a big chunk versus pulled?

And I'm wondering if there's a consensus on this one: finishing sauce BEFORE packaged for the freezer or finishing sauce when reheated and served?

Thanks everyone! I'll share the results with some qview.
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alot of finishing sauces have vinegar in em.........and vinegar WILL make the pork mushy if put on too freeze it pulled, WITHOUT finishing can add that when you reheat.........
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I freeze it pulled. Drop the bags in boiling water to thaw and then add the sauce.
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Ya beat me to it Steve
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LOLOLOL..........i try, i DO try.......lolol
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thanks guys. Pre-pulled even if it's gonna be 3 months in the freezer in a wimpy ziploc?
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no matter if pulled or chunks..............either vacuum seal it or use freezer bags
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Get as much of the air as you can out of the bag before you freeze it.
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I agree with the Walkin guy. Dont add the finishing sauce till ready to serve. Its the mushy thing he spoke of.
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