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My 1st successful stuffed fatty!!

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thanks for the stuffed fatty tutorial, for those that haven't read it, its worth a read.

I have screwed up more stuffed fatties than most but today finally found success.

heres the view from todays smoke on Doreen.

Cut up red sweet and some nice mellow lime green peppers from my buddy's garden.

Rolled stuffed fatty on the Q with some abts, cream cheese and bacon. The big red was stuffed with jap cheese and bacon tight.

Fatty off the smoker at 162* and rested bout 15min.

Fatty cut with some of the other vittles.

All in all it was a good smoke, my pit is doing great, I have her up to 275* and the butternut squash and pork chops are ready to go, so have a good one and thanks for lookin.
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Looks great Chargrilled. Congratulations on fatty success! I haven't tried one myself yet but I can't wait! How did the big red pepper turn out?
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here is the other vittles.

time to eat!!!!!!!!!!!

who said you can't BBQ thin bone in chops?? Higher temps and Ital seasoning for 24hrs.


Qed butternut squash, awesome, sprayed with pam and shaken with maple jap seasoning, Qed till tender then brushed with butter and b sugar.

Grilled veggies


Doreen and I at the end of shift.

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Actually sweet, I topped her and seeded but the Jap cheese and bacon made it like dessert!!! We loved it, the squash was to DIE for.
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Nice job and great lookin feast!
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Nice job Chargriller. Very nice fatty.
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Great looking feast PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yummy, yummy... nice pic after a hard days work... give doreen the rest of the day off...
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WOW that looks good!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Neighbors musta been droolin all day
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