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Hello SMF I'm the FNG

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I reside in Holly Spring NC.

As we all know NC is THE pulled pork capital of the world lol

I have never smoked anything ever!!!

I'm trying to get together the gear to attempt a shoulder next weekend.

Right now I'm looking to start cheap.

Brinkman Electric or ECB as I've seen it called here.

I have the ability and access the the equipment to use a PID controller and thermocouples to regulate the temperatures of the smoker.

I may not be able to get that up and running by the weekend if not I heard the temp. can be regulated by leaving the door and or cover ajar.

Wish me luck

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Good luck on your first smoke,hope you are prepared for what will happen to you,a full on smoke addiction will follow.All the information you will need is right here on SMF,any questions just ask,we all had a first smoke.
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya. Ifin ya ain't already done it, sign up fer jeff's e-course it's free an got lots a good info in it. Also, look ta the left there is alota info there too. I'd print it an put in a notebook, always good ta reference to.
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We all started with no smoke on our shirts at one time....lol welcome try jeffs 5 day course for start...good smokeing
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First let me add my welcome to SMF.

Could you perhaps answer a question for me?
Back in the 60's I had Q in a joint in Fayetteville, the sauce was a white, peppery, vinegar concoction that was not a gravy but appeared to have a roux base. I have searched far and wide and can not seem to find any reference to this type sauce.
Ever heard of or seen its like?

Oh Yea ... luck to ya.
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Plenty of ecb folks turnig out killer que, sure to get plenty of help.

check out the fattie section and the 5 day ecourse will make a quer out of ya quick!!!
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Welcome to the SMF family. May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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Welcome. Yep you'll be hooked. I joined just a couple of months ago looking for some help doing some ribs. I've been smoking something almost every weekend since.
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Welcome to the forum Geoff!

Mr Bill are you talking about white BBQ sauce? There are many recipes, but here's one....http://bbq.about.com/od/barbecuesauc...r/ble00114.htm
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Thanx for the reply Cowgirl ... I knew about the mayo sauce but what I had was definitely not mayo based ... it was either roux or cornstarch ... I have attempted to recreate something like it but have not gotten it right yet.
The closest I have come was making a thin gravy with bacon fat, flower, and evap milk then thinning it out with cider vinegar and adding cracked pepper.
Perhaps it was just a local one joint recipe ... was quite tasty as I remember.
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I never had any Q in Fayetteville even though I lived there for a few years.

I never seen a "white" sauce around here.

Already read the 1st installment of the e-course

Thanks all for the friendly welcome

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Geoff, Welcome to the SMF. You have come to the right place. NC has some good Que so I can imagine you have a good idea of what your final product should be like. The info here will get you there quicker fer sure.

Yes, you can vent your ECB electric to control temps. I have tilted the lid, opened the side door, etc. (in the cold or wind, you can wrap it up - use a cheap welding blanket)

I would be interested to see your set-up when completed. (post it to the electric smoker mods sticky so others will see it too)
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Welcome Geoff. When I joined this group and used the ol' FNG thing and no one ask what it stood for. I had to laugh when I saw yours. This is a great group to learn from.
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LOL welcome "FNG"!you won't be for long!
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welcome aboard
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Once again, Dingle has to admit to not being too bright! Took me a bit to realize what the "FNG" stood for.

Anyways...what MH said. Stick around and you'll be a pro in no time
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LOL Dingle!yer way to hard onyerself brother.
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Welcome aboard geoff!
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I'll do that! I've started making a list. PID controller, SSR, heatsink, wire, a box, thermocouple. Yeah I get carried away.

this weekend I'm just going to give it a try stock pre mods
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Welcome to the SMF, the place to be if you want to learn and share with friendly folks.
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