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[counseling hat on]
I'd have to cast my 2 cents in by saying that the basis for a great and healthy relationship always nvolved the word 'mutual'. Mutual respect, mutual sacrifice, mutual goals and a mutual vision. The wife and I succeed because we sacrifice for each other - giving up things or doing things for each other without regret. Sounds like you are probably capable, but she isn't. Don't give up hope, but don't focus on a search. Time passes and things will work for you.
[/counseling hat on]
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advice noted, although, to be fair, she's not as bad of a person as I'm sure I've made her sound. She's actually pretty decent, when she's not acting strangely, which I know the 'why' of it, but that doesn't mean that the situation is one that we should be in.

So, we're not together until she decides what she really wants.

but I'm not offended, either. I realize I've likely made her sound a right cow, and she's actually not... 98% of the time.
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I agree with phreak! drink, go fishing, smoke some ribs, chase some skirt, and drink more... I'm kinda going through something similar right now as we speak. GF didn't like it that i up'd and moved to the sunshine state. Took it pretty hard, even though she told me she would move down after i came down here and then reneged on her promise. I call that a lie. Now i hang out and play poker and slap bar tenders on the A$$ 4 nights a week and get up at 8:30am to go to work and when i get out i do the whole thing over again. Maybe i'm masking my real feelings but i find when i occupy my time with "non-thinking" type activities like doing shots, tight lines, pool football, playing texas, drinking, eating wings, drinking, playing poo, shots, playing golden Tee, etc.. i tend to forget about the whole mess. Good luck with the whole thing and keep your head up, remember all women are crazy and any man that tells you he understands women is a liar.
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*playing pool!! not poo i don't even know how one would play poo
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all sound advice - except the drinking.
Getting drunk never helped anyone climb out of a hole (dig it deepr sure, get out lol nope). And this has been going on for the best part of this year with SCM and M.
Given SCM's physiologicals, excess alcohol probably not recommended either - ah but he knows that, don't ya mate ?

The internet's a weird thing - you get a whole bunch of people scattered around the world, sitting round a virtual table in a virtual bar.
I've been around and met a number of people I've got to know on forums, and I guess the gist of this ramble is that a friends a friend. Whether or not you see them at work every day or exchange the odd comment on line.

It just so happens that SCM and I frequent two of the same virtual bars, hell he brought me round to this one :-)
And a pastors out ;-)
But keep typing mate, love is one of those things that makes everything right with the world when it's going your way and screws it way the hell up when it goes wrong.
And yeah it's trite -but it really does help to talk to people. So keep talking :-)
That way we know you're still hanging in there.
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yep, I may be 'here and there and over there and all over the place' but I'm going to keep coming back here. It's a nice place to be, and helping a lot. If this were a bar, and I had the cash, I'd buy us all a round anyway, just to say thanks for being supportive.

I'm getting back into some of my hobbies (weightlifting, slinging, spear-chucking and just being generally primitive enough to make the neighbors nervous) and it's helping me get my head straight. I'm going to go in in a couple weeks and get a fishing license and some basic kit. I've got a lake about 5 minutes drive, and the fish aren't polluted, so that'll be a good way to keep myself occupied, cut the grocery bill, and give me an excuse to smoke some fish!
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SO slinging = discus and
"spear chucking" = javalin?

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Good luck and I hope things work out for you.

Gentleman: I appreciate you suporting another member of the forum but let us do so without the deprecating remarks about women; otherwise I will lock the thread.
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just my two cents.....i've always found that when i'm down, or things look the worst, i stay REALLY busy, and keep my mind occupied with other things. been a tough week for me, i buried my mother a couple of days ago, and this is the one year anniversary of losing my oldest son. i've been busy smoking meats and working on a car project. seems to help.......plenty of women out there, this one didn't work for a reason, move on and upward. good luck, rick
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[quote=SmokedCaveman;262833] If this were a bar, and I had the cash, I'd buy us all a round anyway, just to say thanks for being supportive.

SHHHHHHHHHH, it is a bar we just dont tell any of the wives, so belly up soon big boy, i could use a free-b myself.
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superv - no, a sheperd's sling, with rocks, and the spear I'm practicing with isn't a javelin, but a hunting spear, more specifically a boar spear. Not the 'best' thrower in the world, but hits like a ton of bricks (5 pounds total weight, the blade is 18" long, 4" wide and displaces nearly an inch in thickness because of the shaping of it.) Thrown accurately, it hits hard enough it'd ruin even a small bear's day. Overkill for deer or antelope, but if I can throw accurately with such a heavy weight, a lighter-weight spear's going to be all the deadlier in my grubby little paws.

I'm going to pick up an assegai with a long shaft, which is much more suited to throwing.

Raz - my condolences, man. If i can help, let me know.

Ron - thanks for the support, man, and I don't think any of the guys really mean any harm by it, but I think we can all see your point.

dirt- here's a virtual cold one. enjoy! lol
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