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Joined the Fatty club

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Had never even heard of a Fatty before I joined here,thought I had best have a go,so here we go.

Fatty with Swiss cheese,onion and bacon.

It has been in the smoker for 2hrs now,so more pictures to come
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Nice work :) Wait till you taste it and you will be hooked :)

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Glad you joined the club, with a FATTY, you can expand your horizons and your waistline at the same time. Try that on a salad...
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welcome to the club BB-sounds like a good mix to wrap in sausage.please give us a sliced after pic.
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Sorry about the picture quality,the flash has stopped working on new cameraicon_evil.gif

Here is the finished Fatty,man now I now why you like em,the ribs were just incase the Fatty turned out bad.Man I'm full now.

and the insurance policy
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looks real good
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You eat both?! LOL! They both look great!!
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AHH another fatty addict. welcome to the club. great looking fatty.
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Brandsbay, that looks great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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damm that looks good
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Turn the flashhhh on !!! It might helps us smell it !!
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