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My wife doesn't much care for pork or beef so if I do any smoking I have to throw chicken on there as well! Beer can chicken turns out great every time. The couple times I did them I brined them for about 4 hours or so then rubbed and smoked. Delicious! I'm working on making the skin more edible as some on here do...higher temps are the key from what I understand. Thanks for looking!

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I did chili and cornbread in the smoker. And some abts. Here is a link
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Food like that, the pleasure was all mine!
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Excellent work! Very impressive!!
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Char-Griller vs. Masterbuilt 7-in-1

For this smoke I used my Masterbuilt 7-in-1 for the first time as a smoker. I just wanted to throw a couple of opinions out there as to how it compared to using my Char-griller.


Easier set up- I didn't have to run foil all over the place to 'plug' holes which I have to do with the Char-griller because the Char-griller is not a dedicated smoker.

Easier to maintain temps- I have always had problems getting the temps maintained in my Char-griller...mainly because I'm not used to charcoal. I also didn't have to babysit the Masterbuilt as much. Once I got the right combo of fuel and O-2 it babysat itself.


Not much smoke-The pan for the wood didn't smoke the wood much since there isn't much room for air to get in and provide a smolder. I got smoke flavor, but not as much as I prefer. I'd have to play around to find out how best to increase the smoke.

Awkward food placement- it was hard to get to the racks to make adjustments to the food during cooking. You have to remove the top to get to the bottom.

Uneven temps- Top rack was 15 degrees warmer than the bottom. I knew this would happen and planned for it so it wasn't a huge deal.

Water pan- Again awkward to fill because of placement.

Overall I would use the Masterbuilt again for a smoke if I didn't want to hassel w/ the charcoal etc. I just find an odd, masochistic pleasure in sitting and watching the fire burn in the Char-griller. Good stuff all around!

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