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garlic peppercorn BRISKET W/QVIEW

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hello all, in the wee hours, aprox 3 am i started on a nice brisket flat i got from sams.

no prep other than score fat

to the grill with brisket i go

and burn it in hell like the bad piece a meat it is

i show it no mercy

i used some McCormicks grill mates peppercorn and garlic marinade mix, 3 packets followed the instructions on packet and applied about a third of the marinade onto the seared brisky.

into 235 deg smoker it go with cherry and hickory wood combo, here it is at 135 internal temp. added another third of the marinade to it

will add more as it progresses. thks for ckin my qview!!!!
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Mmmmm....erain, that's one good looking hunka meat!!
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E you are one smoking fool.
Your wife must LOVE it! :)

Your neighbors probably don't even need to water their lawn cause they just walk around outside drooling all the time!
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yikes V!!! i will keep that in mind and stay off there grass!!!
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LMAO but prolly true!
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Looks great looking forward to more Qview
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here it is just over 170 going to foil, gonna add the last third of the marinade and close her up and take to 205 for pulling.
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looks real good thus far erain-I like the garlic-peppercorn combo
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Way to go with the garlic and peppercorns. Your qview made me hunger for the brisket. Thats a big 10/4 erain,looks great !
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Right on Eraine, That is one sweet brisket. Never seared one. Just may have to do that. Great job.
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awsome job e, you seared that thing big time did'nt ya, I have'nt done one yet., Is the searing that important ?

not slammin ya ,, just wondering if that is the best way to do it, I am doing my first this weekend, or the first part of next week.
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Looking good!
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finished pics

thks all for the compliments. just sharing some ideas that hope some of ya can use and will like. i think that the pepercorn/garlic expierment turned out a success. the brisky was pulled from smoker at about 205 and was wrapped in a buncha towels for a while before pulling. i took the drippings and adding some red wine vinegar and a tad of balsamic made a sort of finishing sauce and added to the shredded meat.

some finaly pics

pretty tender

the yield

and what its all about.... the sammy!!! good eats!!! if you wanna taste beef you need to do a brisky!!! served with some stuffed portebella shroom, see sides if interested.

thks for ckin my qview!!!
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OK, OK, already!!.....You convinced me!!....next brisket, I'm gonna sear it!

Love the garlic/peppercorn idea.....sounds very tasty to me...PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Points for a great day's smoke!

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I am going to call you the mad arson from now on, you really scorched the hell out that poor thing, bet it was plenty barky, if that is a

Been waiting all day for the finish, all I can say is SWEET.
Funny thing is I looked at portabella shrooms yesterday and declined due to the cost. 5 bucks for two.

As usual, great job and presentation.

Points to you !!!!!!
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That looks awesome Erain PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Real nice erain-as the norm-dang that looks good.
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looks freakin great,,, lil less smoke in this one ? would love to slam some of that into a sub roll with some cheese and go to town....

Great job.
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That sure looked good erain. Have heard of some people searing their brisket but never paid much attention. If YOU sear, then I think I might give it a try. Thanks for the Qview!
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Points! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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