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Cherry Poppin

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Hello All fellow smokers!

This is my first time using a forum, so if this isnt posted in the correct place, I apologize.

My Name is Jeremy Meeks, and I live in Vermilion Bay Ontario, still a youngster at 23, but love smoking meat! along with drinking beer, fishing, hunting, and oh ya HOCKEY BABY! GO HABS GO!

3 years ago, me and a good friend, took over his fathers BBQ sauce business (award winning Busters BLUEBERRY BBQ Sauce), within one year we aquired our own property and opened up our own restaurant, Busters BBQ!

I learned to smoke in an Oklahoma Joe, and our first year in business I smoked everything out of it, but at 25 racks top capacity, I new i needed a larger smoker in a hurry. Sorry to all the purists, but I went Electric with a Fast Eddy - FEC Series 750. I use a a Hickory, Cherry, Pecan, Apple hardwood mix. This machine is amazing, im not worried all day about my heat, which allows me to get on with other kitchen duties and orders.

I love a ton of questions, I literally smoke meat and veggies everyday and most nights, and am always look for new hints and secrets!

Check out my website at Main page will give you two options, one side is dedicated to our BBQ sauce, the other to the restaurant. Oh ya our sauce took Grand Champion at the Great American BBQ sauce contest (2006), and has won numerous awards at the American Royal, We also just introduced our own rub to our line of products.

First question.....Brisket Burnt ends? Im currently using my ends that i cant slice in my beans, but is anybody putting them back in the smoker after trimming the brisket? if so what is the process? im guessing in a big foil pan ?

Cheers to all!

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welcome alot of answers to your questions will soon pour in!

That is very cool you are running a successful business, at a young age.
I'm sure you have a lot to offer us as well.
can't wait to see your q-view.
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Welcome, Jeremy glad to have ya here at SMF. As to brisket burnt ends the ones ya cant slice. i put them in a foil pan with a little liquid to keep them from drying out(apple juice and equal parts burbon/ or spiced rum)slow smoke them again put some in beans and we would serve a little on the side with meal...We also chopped up for choped sammyies....If ya got a whole lot we used crock pot(on the ones that were hard and burnt) to cook down to tender...always had someone wanting some Mr.Brown mix on a chopped sandy.
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Welcome aboard.............Glad to have you here..............
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WELCOME. Wow. I know your working hard but it sure sounds fun. Putting a smile on all those faces eating Q must be neat. I only dream of selling Q. Way to make it happen. And for the sauce, thanks for your web site.
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welcome aboard
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Congrats Jeremy, you've just joined the best smokin' site on the net, SMF that is. Wishing you much enjoyment and fun on your future smokes.
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Welcome to SMF !!! You got my attention, looking forward to pics and future posts. Now I am off to check out your site also.....
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welcome to SMF
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Welcome to the site Jeremy. Great story you have.
I was going to order a bottle of your sauce to try out but then I got to where you have to log in to order so I'll just do it later. Great price on the sauce, does that include shipping as well?
Oh, would I be right in assuming it has bluberries in it? I know that was in the name but I couldn't find a description.
Have fun smoking (I'm sure you do) and keep us informed on the business and great dishes you make.
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Welcome - can't wait to see what you teach us. There are some great people here. Enjoy. I will check out your site.

Paul AKA the_selling_blues_man
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Hello Jeremy and welcome aboard. Glad you joined us. Congrats on your business. Good luck and continued success!
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Glad to have you aboard Jeremy.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to some pics of your operation.
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Welcome Jeremy! I'm sure someone will be along more familiar with burnt ends than me.
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