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Spare change

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Normally I prefer back ribs but the local grocer had spares for half off. Couldnt pass that up even though I have several slabs of backs in the freezer. Wifey even supported the call so now I gotta remember how to trim the up.
Got four slabs. Two for me and two for my brother. He loves the Q but his idea of cookin usually involves a microwave. His daughters are comin to visit him so I thought they would probably enjoy some ribs. He says no way, the ribs are his and they can eat something else. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Bought the spares, trimmed them up, smoked them right and they turned out real good even without pictures... However... I think from now on I will stick with the back ribs. Everyone loved them alright but still...
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I agree 100%

Like yer new avitar too!wink.gif
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Are you talking about beef ribs?
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I love beef ribs but havent done them for years.
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No pics???

Musta been a dream.....icon_rolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif
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