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My first butt

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Got up early and started some wings and my first butt.Have done ribs,wings, and chicken,but this is my first butt. Can`t wait to tear it open.

This is my first attempt of adding pics,this about 3.5 hrs into it,internal temp is 101. nudib
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Looking good Nudib.
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Thanks, if the butts as good as the wings man I`m going to be in heaven today. This is a pic of the wings My neighbors and family chows on these. Nudib
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Look real good,Qview the butt later.
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Will do

Will do,when it reaches 140 I`m going to wrap it up in foil and finish it at 200.does sound about right? thanks nudib
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yeah thats fine,I never rap mine,get them to 190 and rap in foil and towel and then in cool box for over an hour,works for me.But I see that there are lots of different ways,the end result is the same.Some Real Good Eatn
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ok thanks,heres my wings and my cooking buddy

Thanks,Here`s my wings and my cooking buddy.He doesn`t complain about the food to often. The wings I marinaded in wing sauce and chili sauce,so it has a smokey flavor with a kick.I also do garlic parm wings on the smoker. there awesome too.nudib
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Hey man thats the same smoking buddy that I got
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I'd look, but those pics are HUGE!!
If you do figure out how to post here, please knock them down to 800 pixels wide first. wink.gif
Congrates on the butt. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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sorry still learning to post

sorry will work on that
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nudib...Looks great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Like your helper too. :)
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finished wings and butt

The wings are great and the butt is awesome, will be eating it with the family tonight.The best part is leftovers.The wings I marinaded in wing sauce and some sriracha chili sauce.Smoked for 3.5 @200.Then pulled them out and flashed on the grill.They have smoky flavor but with a kick.I do the same thing but marinade in Italian and garlic.Then after the flash I sprinkle with parm chz.Thats awesome also.I love wings,but tired of the same old wing. Heres the final pics. Thanks for all the help.nudib
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Looks good congrats on a fine smoke PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What Is The Trick To Keeping A Thin Blue Smoke
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Stop into the Roll Call forum and give us a hint of yer setup and experience. Well..I guess we got the experience figgered out...but what kind of smoker???
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