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Good day eh! From the great white North!

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Hey everyone,

My name is Chris and I'm from Toronto, been smoking for about 7 years now, and always up for learning new things.

I have currently a horiz. smoker setup, offset firebox which wifey bought me for Christmas years ago, hooked ever since.

I truly have a passion for this style of cooking, trying all kinds of different woods, spices, meats, ect. (I even just tried smoking salt last week, turned out not so well, but it's all in the experience).

I'll try to post some pics when I get a second, coming across this site was a fluke, very glad to see something right up my alley.

I've been playing ice hockey going on now 28 years as a goalie, if I am not on the q, then I'm stopping pucks.

I also use a gas grill, but prefer the taste and experience of charcoal.

I'll be lurking on the site regularly, as I always find good things from sharing my experiences(and failures haha) with others and vice versa.

I'm a beer lover as well, being in Canada, there is such a selection of fine brews, you could go a long time trying new things.

But a big Hi to everyone, it's excellent to be here!

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Welcome to SMF Chris! Its a great place to share and learn about Q. Even a seasoned smoker may be able to learn quite a bit here. Lookin forward to seein some great Qview!cool.gif
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Glad to have you around, Chris....lots of great info to be found here....along with plenty of good folks.

There might be a few hockey fans floating around here also......not to mention more than a few peeps that like good beer!...wink.gif

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Welcome Chris. I too have a horizontal smoker. New at it and still learning. Have you ever been to Waubaushene? I spent many summers there.
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Ya Hey Der...Welcome Aboard
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welcome aboard
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welcome I just hope you are not a LEAF FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yep, been to Waubaushene, very nice there.

As far as being a leaf fan, sadly I am a fan. The front office is run by clowns though.

I used to watch every game, but now, it's just plain sad.

To go to a game now, it's about $200 to see a game, and always sold out.

The fans in Toronto always buy tickets, even though they stink.

I prefer to go to the Marlies games (ahl), as I can take my family, tickets and all for under $100. They try harder and I can get sets right by the glass.


Had to get a custom paint job, to show my appreciation for the fire!

Flank goodness!

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Welcome aboard and glad to have you here..................
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